Meet the Love Family

The whole clan!

The whole clan!

Christina and Jason first met in junior high school in Sacramento and were reunited at a spring picnic towards the end of high school. They courted (yes, as in the old’n days!) and prayed for God’s will before becoming engaged and getting married in August 2000.

Their first son, Ethan, was born February 3, 2002 (Superbowl Sunday!) in Sacramento. Shortly thereafter, Jason joined the United States Navy and the family moved to Washington where Adam was born June 7, 2003. A few years later, William entered the family on February 15, 2005.

After moving to Virginia, the Love boys decided Christina was wildly outnumbered in the family and needed a girl on her side. They told their parents they wanted a little sister. After much discussion and explanations to the boys that a girl was not guaranteed, Christina became pregnant again. The Love boys prayed daily for God to give them a little sister. They knew that God’s word says to ask for the desires of their hearts and they made sure God heard. On December 28, 2007 God answered their prayers, giving them Sophia, their little princess!

Toward the end of 2009, after moving back to Sacramento to be closer to both Jason and Christina’s families, God let the Love family know they needed to make room for one more precious child. Emily Anne Love entered the family on May 1, 2010 ~ a true May Day blessing.

The Loves are a beautiful family, dedicated to the Lord and full of laughter, compassion, and spirit. The entire family are Star Wars fans and all the boys are active in Little League, where Jason is a coach. Christina home schools all five kids and participates in a charter program, called Classical Conversations, for homeschooling families (she is currently the Director of the program). The boys dote on their two sisters, helping pick out their clothes, find their dolls, and dress them up in specially made jewelry and pretty shoes.

With a huge extended family and countless friends and networks, the Loves are surrounded by care and support. God has been crafting this family for over a decade and has given them the strength, love, and perseverance to handle everything that lies ahead.


One response to “Meet the Love Family

  1. Christian how do you do it? I wish I were you and could be a very good mother like you and Jason too. I will allways be here as your friend to u and the family too.

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