How You Can Help

Since the first mention of Emily’s diagnoses, the Love family has been inundated with people wanting to know how they can help.

Within hours, a meal train was established to provide meals for Jason and the four Love children at home, a babysitting schedule was begun to allow Jason and Chrissy time at the hospital with Emily, and family and friends dropped by the hospital with gifts to lift Emily’s spirits and food to nourish the family caring for her.

Even more important was the outpouring of prayer. Through facebook, phone calls, and word of mouth, the news of Emily’s illness and the need for prayer spread literally across the globe! It has been the knowledge of this prayer network which has provided the greatest comfort to Jason and Christina as they face the uncertainty ahead.

We know now that Emily’s journey is going to be long and difficult. We have every reason to be optimistic – both due to the words of the doctors responsible for Emily’s care and the peace of the Lord. We also know that there will be challenges along the road for the Love family and the continued support of friends and family will be what makes the journey smooth for everyone.

We have already been blessed by the support of family, friends, schoolmates, and even complete strangers. If you would like be a part of supporting the Loves, below is a list of needs and ways you can help.

  1. PRAYER! This is the greatest way we can support the Loves and little Emily. We believe God has prepared Emily and her family for everything that lies ahead. And we believe that the power of prayer can heal her body as well as give the strength and peace that her family needs. Please pray for Emily and her family. If you would like to send a message of support, prayer, or encouragement to the family, you can post anywhere on this site or email us and we will make sure your message gets to the family. At the bottom of this page is a prayer card that you can click on and save to your own computer as a reminder to keep Emily in your prayers.
  2. MEALS To allow Jason and Christina more time to focus on caring for their children, we have established a food train to provide meals at home. Even after Emily leaves the hospital, we hope to continue providing this support as the increased care Emily will need will be made easier if meals are ready at hand. If you would like to serve by providing meals for the family, create a log in at Meal Train and sign up for any open date!
  3. CHILD CARE With one young child in the hospital needing a parent with her at all times and four children at home with school and little league, child care is needed to give Christina and Jason the flexibility to be where they need to be. If you want to be on a list of babysitters, email us with your availability, including if you would like to be called in an emergency only, and we will get in touch.
  4. FINANCIAL SUPPORT A medical situation such as this comes with many hidden costs. Already the gas and parking fees have begun to add up. If you would like to help support the family financially, you can do so by sending gas cards, grocery cards, or visa cards for parking fees. Or may choose to donate to the family through paypal, using your debit/credit card or paypal account. If you would like to know any specific financial needs, you can contact us at the email below and on the sidebar of this page.
  5. SAVE LIVES! Leukemia is a cancer of the blood and bone marrow and it affects the bodies ability to create healthy platelets – the lifesource of our blood. You can help Emily, as well as other people fighting cancer, by donating whole blood and/or platelets at your local blood bank. If you are a blood relative of Emily and donate in the Sacramento area, we just ask that you let them know your platelets can not be given to Emily Love (this is because blood relatives share similar antibodies and Emily will be made stronger by receiving a diversity of antibodies rather than more of her own). Check out The BloodSource to make an appointment today!
  6. ANYTHING ELSE! There are likely many needs we won’t be aware of until they are upon us. If you think of something you believe we’ve missed, let us know!

Contact us! If you have questions or want to help in any way, email us at Please include the best way to contact you. Family members are regularly checking this email account and will do our best to respond quickly by phone or email.


3 responses to “How You Can Help

  1. Hi Chrissie, we are praying for you all. My mom’s church in Petaluma, California are praying for you all. Several of my friends are praying as well. It’s evident God wants to hear from his children regarding Emily. I know the Lord will be known and glorified by the battle set before her, and I am hopeful she will recover. Our God is good and faithful to his children. Keep looking to Him and show Emily how to too. Can’t wait to see her little sweet face. Love you Venla

  2. My thoughts and prayers are with the entire Love family. I went to school and grew up with Chris Love. Chris has always been a kind and caring person for everyone she has known. I see she is part of a loving family. I am so sorry for all that is going on for this sweet little girl and her family. I was so touched to read about what her brother said on his birthday. I cannot even begin to imagine how this feels. I pray everyday for her speedy recovery and for her family. I know I am far away and have not met all of you but I want to help. To start I will donate all commission I receive for the next month from Scentsy. And this is for any order I receive. I am very glad you all have started this blog so we can all follow her. Thoughts and prayers and God is on her side. I know it

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