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And they’re off ——- Disney World here they come!!!

Make - A - Wish

Make – A – Wish

Today actually started on February 8th, 2012, when Chrissie and I (Grammie) took Emily to the ER at U.C. Davis Medical Center one night and Emily was first diagnosed with leukemia. Emily has bravely endured 2 1/2 years of daily treatments for leukemia – and, I might add, impressed and charmed everyone with her feisty, “Stitch” spirit. Chrissie, Jason, Ethan, Adam, William, and Sophie have also endured 2 1/2 years of treatments. It has been a wrenching, long journey, with many ups and many downs. Along the way, Emily and her family have been supported by some super awesome organizations – U.C. Davis Medical Center, Children’s Miracle Network, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and now – Make-A-Wish is taking their turn!

On May 28th of this year, Emily and all of her family went to the Make-A-Wish office in Sacramento and Emily informed them(!) that she would like to see Disney World and meet Minnie Mouse! TODAY is the day(!) – and a stretch limo picked them up at 5:00 am this morning! Well, they were supposed to leave at 5:00 am but girls’ hair – as in Chrissie’s(!) – delayed it a bit.

Packed and ready to go!

Packed and ready to go!

Emily - waiting for her turn to get hair done.

Emily – waiting for her turn to get hair done.

Bapa and a very excited Emily - Minnie Mouse ears and all!  Emily is wearing her Make-A-Wish T-shirt, which she is supposed to wear every day, so that people know who she is!

Bapa and a very excited Emily – Minnie Mouse ears and all! Emily is wearing her Make-A-Wish T-shirt, which she is supposed to wear every day, so that people know who she is!

Chrissie spent yesterday sorting clothes for she and Jason and five children – a set to wear on the plane – an extra set to carry in the carry-on bags – and clothes to wear during their adventures. Make-A-Wish gave backpacks to each of the kids for the plane and Chrissie had purchased some activity things to keep them occupied during what will be almost a full day’s flight to Orlando, Florida. The U.S. Military has nothing to the logistics of a mother trying to pack for seven people for a week with five over-the-top-excited children running around in the middle of it.

Someone's ready to go!

Someone’s ready to go!

Chrissie is obviously the hub of getting everyone ready!

Chrissie is obviously the hub of getting everyone ready!



The limo is waiting! - and waiting!

The limo is waiting! – and waiting —

The limo driver arrived shortly before 5:00! He was very patient. Children soon discovered their ride(!) and proceeded to check out every very-long inch of it!

A super-excited Adam - with Emily and Ethan!

A super-excited Adam – with Emily and Ethan!

So, this is what Make-A-Wish is doing for this family. They were taken by limo to the Sacramento Airport – and should be taking off right now – at 7:05 am – in a Southwest plane, on their way to Orlando, Florida. Chrissie texted me that they were given preferred TSA security, meaning they didn’t have to take off jackets or shoes or unload their bags of anything. That was very wise of someone to do as they didn’t get to the airport with all that much time to spare – at least not by Grammie’s standards. Chrissie said that the airline people also gave Emily a Disney coloring book with Minnie Mouse crayons! So their adventure has begun!

They will be staying at a place called Give Kids The World. It’s in Orlando, somewhere close to Disney World, and is only available for families of children with life-threatening diseases. These families are all sponsored by various charity organizations and the families are from all over the world. Emily and all will have their own villa, complete with washer and dryer! Why do I think that that will be needed?! Breakfast and dinner will be provided – there is horseback riding – miniature golf – an ice cream parlor – a spa for manicures, pedicures, and makeup(!) – and lots of organized activities. One Mom, who had already gone with her child, told Chrissie that Give Kids The World could be a destination, all by itself.

They will have three whole days at Disney World(!), where they will get to go to the head of all lines and will get to see places that the regular public doesn’t get to go – one day at LegoLand (Adam and William are particularly excited about this!) – and a day at Sea World. Make-A-Wish is providing them with a rental car – plus spending money for food and gas and souvenirs! They have left nothing undone – nothing —

And they're ready! (sorry guys - this is why no one lets Grammie take an important picture - I'd hate to spoil my record)

And they’re ready! (sorry guys – this is why no one lets Grammie take an important picture  –)

And they're off ---- !

And they’re off —- !

Emily and her family are beginning a much-deserved adventure today – one that could only have happened through the prayers and physical support and donations of money and food and child care from everyone who is reading this blog – as well as a big, big God. They are well aware that they haven’t fought this battle alone. Thank you – thank you – thank you —- And thank you to Make-A-Wish for making this possible for them.


Is THIS the final answer?!!!

Emily  woke up this morning with the beach baby tousled hair!

Emily woke up this morning with the beach baby tousled hair!

Well, we still don’t have any “this is absolutely what happened” answers but Emily is doing well today and can very likely – but not for sure yet(!) – go home late this afternoon. Her first blood cultures have come back negative and if the second one is also

negative today, home may be a reality tonight!

This is what happens when you leave Emily with Grammie  for awhile - Ruffles - best nutrition ever!

This is what happens when you leave Emily with Grammie for awhile – Ruffles – best nutrition ever!

Emily’s Resident MD this morning said again that they think she had a reaction to the IV Ig infusion on Thursday, rather than sepsis, because if she had been septic, she probably wouldn’t have responded to treatment so quickly. When she’s been septic in the past, she’s been very sick for days. This time her symptoms improved within 24 hours and she never needed pressors to get her blood pressure back up. As for the odd finding in her lungs on her chest X-ray on Thursday, they’re not certain it is a current fungal infection, as it could be an artifact (or something left behind, like a scar when you get cut) from a past infection. For example, someone who has had pneumonia in the past will usually have some kind of finding on an X-ray that shows that they had a lung infection in the past. I’ve had pneumonia twice and it always shows up on an X-ray.

And here we have Emily and her nurse, Angela, singing along with Frozen!

And here we have Emily and her nurse, Angela, singing along with Frozen!

I apologize for the back-and-forth of all this information but in reality this blog is a glimpse into the life of one little girl and one huge family with leukemia

and this frustrating back-and-forth is how it goes daily. Unfortunately the doctors cannot see inside of her body and say THIS is what’s going on without doing something invasive like a biopsy or another test like a CT scan, both of which have their own set of risks. Right now, they can see a little girl who has responded well and very quickly to her treatments, and who has shown no other signs of current infection. So her Resident said that they will mostly likely send her home and then do a follow-up chest X-ray to check on the spot on her lungs in the near future.

Princess Emily today - complete with jewelry and  IV lines!

Princess Emily today – complete with jewelry and IV lines!

God continues to show His kindness to Emily! He brought her a special nurse last night, Angela, who has two girls and totally gets Frozen! She even sat down and sang one of the songs along with Emily and the movie! Grammie got a chance to watch three(!) Super Why movies and an entire Frozen movie while Chrissie went home for several hours last night to spend time at home.

Please, as you are already doing(!), keep praying for Emily and Chrissie – and Emily’s doctors – and brothers and sister – and, of course, pray for Jason who has totally carried the home front organization during this hospital stay – from taking care of a very sick Sophie on Thursday to rearranging – very creatively, I might add – his schedule and life to take over while Chrissie is in the hospital with Emily.


P. S.

Quick update. One of Emily’s regular doctors just came In. Instead of sepsis, they are thinking that she had a reaction to her IV Ig infusion yesterday. She’s had lots of these infusions – monthly for a year now – but sometimes reactions can just happen. As the doctor said, each IV Ig batch is a mix from thousands of donors so maybe there was something in this batch to which her body reacted. And a typical reaction to it is often increased temp and heart rate, etc., all the symptoms which she had yesterday.

As for the lung X-ray, the doctor thinks that it’s evidence of a past inflammation rather than an ongoing fungal infection. He said that if she remains afebrile today and tonight, she could likely go home tomorrow. Chrissie and I were thinking about the time a year or so ago when Emily was hospitalized for a cough and ended up in the PICU because her oxygen levels were too low -and an X-ray that time showed spots on her lungs.

As always, we may never get a clear answer but for now the good thing is that she is continuing to do well.

Lots of questions and a new wrinkle —

Morning --

Morning —

Emily is doing much better right now. She got shaky cold and her temp want back up to 102 while still in the ER and her heart rate stayed in the 130’s for awhile but her temp is now normal and her blood pressure and heart rate are good this morning. The hospital was swamped last night with both adults and kids on beds in the ER hallways at one point – ER nurses need special prayers – so it took awhile, and a couple of movies, before she was transferred but Emily was able to transfer up to a room on Davis 7, the Pediatric unit, at about 11:00 pm.

The news we have this morning is that a chest X-ray which was done yesterday as part of the standard sepsis protocol showed a small little spot – a “nodular opacity” – in the right upper lobe of her lungs that the radiologist read as a possible fungal infection. A fungal infection would have probably been there for months but Emily wasn’t showing any symptoms and so no one suspected. As we’ve learned along this road with Emily, she’s either well – or she’s very very sick. She has no in-between like normal people. We have no definite answers yet but as of now, it looks like there are two possible scenarios with one for-sure. The for-sure is that this fungal infection has probably been brewing for awhile. First scenario is that the stress of the surgery yesterday coupled with the brewing fungal infection overwhelmed her system and caused the sepsis. Second scenario is that the sepsis occurred for who knows whatever reason and the fungal infection was caught as a side effect. Either way, God is GOOD – because a lung fungal infection in an immunocompromised little girl can be very bad. Right now, Emily is on Rocephan, a broad spectrum antibiotic, and Fluconazole, an anti-fungal medication. The first doctor this morning said she may be here for 48 hours and then treated at home.

We got a surprise visit from Emily's favorite primary nurse, Nicole!

We got a surprise visit from Emily’s favorite primary nurse, Nicole!

On another note, life is different now that Emily is “older” and in the hospital. We’ve had a couple of really quick trips – and not always quick enough – to the bathroom now that she’s potty trained. Also, now that she no longer has her port, she has an IV lines in each arm and that makes it REALLY hard to get a clean nightgown on. I really am not sure why hospitals don’t have Peds gowns that snap?!

We will keep you updated once the main doctors come in —

P.S. Please excuse the errors in these current blogs. I’m having to do them on my Smart Phone – and I am apparently not smart enough to do it very well — Oh, we’ll —

Lip gloss always makes us feel better —

Emily asked Chrissie for some lip gloss!

Emily asked Chrissie for some lip gloss!

So, if you were expecting, as we were, that the next blog would be about Emily’s end-of-chemo celebration party or about how her no-longer-permanent port was removed today, then Stitch has had a bump in the road that has thrown everyone for a loop. She is, as I type this, on a bed in the ER at U. C. Davis.

This was Emily when I/Grammie first got to the ER.

This was Emily when I/Grammie first got to the ER.

Emily went in this morning to have her port removed. Yea!!! That went well – and then she went to the Infusion Room to get her monthly IV Ig infusion, which helps her immune system. All went well with that and then, as they were getting ready to flush the line and unhook her, she started to shake and say she was cold, her blood pressure shot down to 84/59, her heart rate was in the 170’s and her temp was 102.5. They thought it might possibly be a reaction to the IgG infusion but then a doctor came in and said no, we’ve seen this before – as in the couple of times before when she’d been septic. Sepsis is basically an infection that gets into your blood stream. It can overwhelm your body quickly and is a medical emergency. Emily and Chrissie were taken in an ambulance across the street to the ER.

After a couple of boluses of IV fluids and starting an antibiotic, her temp and heart rate have come down and her blood pressure has gone up. The diagnosis is still uncertain but either a reaction or sepsis seem to still be the two choices. Mostly because her symptoms came on so suddenly.

Gaby had to feed Emily her food because Emily has an iV board on each arm to keep her from bending them. Now that her port I'd gone, she has to have iV sticks - but she's a trooper.

Gaby had to feed Emily her food because Emily has an iV board on each arm to keep her from bending them. Now that her port I’d gone, she has to have iV sticks – but she’s a trooper.

Auntie Gaby got here about 9:00 pm and brought food! Emily ate a little and Chrissie and Grammie ate more! Emily is sleepy. We are waiting to get admitted to the Peds floor but the hospital is busy tonight and we don’t know when that will happen. Will have to fill everyone in when we know more tomorrow. In the meantime, please – we didn’t think we’d have to be doing this again – pray for Emily and Chrissie. And pray for Jason, who is home with the other four kids, one of whom – Sophie – has been sick all day. (Emily wouldn’t have caught this from Sophie – Emily’s symptoms came on too suddenly.).

Again, thank you for being there for this family —

— Heading Home! —

Heading home!

Heading home!

Thank you for your prayers — they were answered! When Chrissie took Emily to the ER tonight, Emily was too weak to walk. After being given IV fluids plus IV potassium, Emily’s potassium labs rose from 2.5 to 3.6. Her whole demeanor changed – back came the feisty, spunky little girl that is Emily’s normal self. She instructed both Momma and I that we were all going to put together a puzzle “as a team!” And she again has some plumpness in her arms and legs. And, best of all, we realized as we were walking out of the ER about 12:45 am this morning that this is the first time since Emily started this long journey that instead of being admitted to the hospital from the ER, she walked – well, was carried – out of the ER and got to go home!

Thank you all for your prayers – and for reading this blog so ridiculously late at night. Again, you are our security blanket —

— requesting prayers —

Chrissie wrote a post late Saturday about how Emily and Sophie had both come down with a gastrointestinal virus – lots of throwing up and diarrhea. Sophie is now 100% better. Emily seemed to be getting better
Saturday, but she never perked back up like Sophia did. The Home Health Nurse came out this morning – her regular visit – and drew labs, which came back late today with a critically low potassium level (2.5, while the normal for a childchild is 3.4-4.4). Chrissie was told to bring Emily in to the ER to get some IV hydration. The ER trip was because it was late in the day and the Infusion Room was closed, rather than because it was a life or death situation. Chrissie just emailed me that Emily’s labs were redrawn in the ER and that her potassium again came back low so they are getting IV potassium from the pharmacy to give to her now.

At this point, we are thinking they will rehydrate Emily and as soon as her labs come back with a better level, she and Chrissie will return home. Both Chrissie and I, however, have go-bags in our vehicles! I/Grammie am babysitting the other children, who are now asleep, but I will go to the ER once Jason returns home from school and give Chrissie some company in the ER. We will then see how it goes from there.

So, please pray for the whole family – and pray that Emily’s labs will come back up without having to be hospitalized. Her other labs have been good but she has lost weight that she didn’t have extra to lose and she was pretty weak tonight.

We thank you —

Merry Christmas – and Thank You —

We just want to take this chance to say THANK YOU – to all of you – whether we know you personally or just through this blog. We need you – you are our comfort blanket – you are the people who cry with us – who laugh with us – who pray with and for us. You are the ones who feed Chrissie and her family when she can’t – who watch the other kids – who step in to do those little things that no one thinks to ask for help with but which still need to get done. You are our support system. This is a long and difficult journey and we couldn’t make it without ALL of you.
THANK YOU – Merry Christmas to all of you – we continue to pray for you, too —

Giving Thanks — and catching up —

The wonder of a little girl with "tattoos" and ladybugs --

The wonder of a little girl with “tattoos” and ladybugs —

This blog post is long overdue – it’s been over a month since one was written – and people have been asking how Emily has been doing – and this blog was originally started to keep all of Emily’s family and supporters up-to-date on her leukemia treatment progress but, to be honest, these blogs are hard to write. You want to be informative, but not dry – you want to show the emotional side of this journey, but not get sappy – you think about it frequently but then life gets busy or you get a cold or go on vacation or just plain put off writing a post because it’s hard and “you’ll do it tomorrow.” So, our apologies and we’ll try to be better in the future! P.S. You also want to try to not have a post be too long but this is your warning that this post will probably be just that, too long – sorry —!

So, I/Grammie will start with the “catching up” – Emily has been busy, which means she’s been overall feeling well enough to be busy. Thank you, God! In October we went to a local pumpkin patch where she thoroughly enjoyed getting lost in the corn maze then picking out about a hundred “perfect” pumpkins.

At the pumpkin patch to pick out their pumpkins.

At the pumpkin patch to pick out their pumpkins.

October 26th was the First Annual Emily Love Softball Invitational, held to raise funds for Children’s Miracle Network (we’ll have a separate post on that soon). Please, if you ever think about supporting an organization, support Children’s Miracle Network. Prior to Emily being diagnosed with leukemia, I/Grammie just thought of CMN as another of those charity organizations that raised money and probably used most of it for promotion and very little for the actual kids who needed the help. I was so so wrong. Emily’s leukemia treatment at U.C. Davis is supported by CMN. They provide Christmas parties – special days held at U.C. Davis, like the day when NASCAR came with their race cars, just for the sick kids – Halloween parties, like Boo at the Zoo – all kinds of stuffed animals and fun times on the actual Pediatrics and ICU units – funding for research that the hospital can’t provide -they pay for the vital Child Life program -and the list goes on and on. CNM is made up of people with big hearts and untiring dedication to these kids and their families – for the reality is that the whole family, in a way, has cancer. There are days with Mommies and Daddies not home and/or not emotionally available because they are dealing with their sick son or daughter – days, and nights, being traded from house to house so that their parents can be at the hospital – days of tension in their homes – always worrying about who might have a cold coming on and trying to keep Emily away from that person – the whole family loses and has to find a new normal. Chrildren’s Miracle Network helps to fill in some of those gaps and they are – and have been – indispensable to these families.

Emily, watching Daddy play one of his softball games.

Emily, watching Daddy play one of his softball games.

Daddy's softball team, including Childrens Miracle Network volunteers.

Daddy’s softball team, and some of the Childrens Miracle Network volunteers.

Also in October, Emily and her family attended Boo at the Zoo, and helped man a booth sponsored by the Children’s Miracle Network at the Sacramento Zoo.

Emily and Momma at Book at the Zoo

Emily and Momma at Book at the Zoo

The whole family helped out

The whole family helped out

Emily continues in the Maintenance Phase of her treatment. She has now “graduated” down to one spinal tap every three months – she still receives monthly chemo and immunoglobulin antibody infusions – and she still gets daily chemo pills, which Chrissie grinds up in a spoon, mixes with a little water, and Emily then slurps it out of the spoon. She is on steroids for a five-day stretch each month – we just call her “steroid Emily” and wait out the hunger and the silent tantrums – and the not-feeling-so-good for the week. So far, her spinal tap results have all been clear of leukemia cells, and that is good!

On Thanksgiving Day, our home (Grammie and Bapa’s) was filled with family – grandparents, parents, brothers and sister, aunties and uncles, and cousins. It was wonderful and busy and LOUD and awesome!

Emily and Sophie sharing Ruffles potato chips - because Emily loves her Ruffles and "Dr. Ducore said she should be allowed to eat anything!"

Emily and Sophie sharing Ruffles potato chips – because Emily loves her Ruffles and “Dr. Ducore said she should be allowed to eat anything!”

This is the week after Emily's steroid week and so she was tired - and just came in from outside and laid herself down on the couch and covered herself up ---

This is the week of IV chemo and steroids and so she was tired – and just came in from outside and laid herself down on the couch and covered herself up —

The day after Thanksgiving, Chrissie and Jason and the kids – along with Auntie Gaby – went to The Galleria Mall to do gift wrapping in order to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network. For those of you in the Sacramento area, this “service” will be available through most of December. Many of the stores in The Galleria were raising money for St. Jude’s Hospital for Kids – by asking shoppers if they’d want to round their purchase price up to the next dollar to give to St. Jude’s. At one store, Build-A-Bear, a very wonderful shopper decided to donate money for a kid with cancer/or other illness to be able to make their own bear. The shopper behind her also volunteered to do it – as did many many more shoppers in that line. Over $500 was given to the store on a gift card! Somehow or other, the store found out that Emily was there, “helping to wrap gifts,” and a bit of the money was given to Emily and her brothers and sister so that they could each build a friend at Build-A-Bear. As I said earlier, a lot of attention, as it should be, centers around the kids who have cancer but the rest of their families are also dramatically affected – so Childrens Miracle Network was awesome to include all of Emily’s siblings in the donation.



Friday night found the Love’s with Jason’s side of the family, where they all enjoyed a post-Thanksgiving game night. Jason and Chrissie are so thankful to have both their families in town.

On Saturday, today, Chrissie and her sister, Jennifer, were both here (at Grammie’s house), prior to Jennifer and her family driving back to Tulare (south of Fresno and way too far from home – just sayin’) later in the day. As they were visiting, I was listening to my daughters discussing cancer and the other families and kids whom Chrissie has come to know through this journey and the sadness as a few of the children have died – and the hope as others have successfully completed their treatments. I overheard them discussing the dedication of the nurses at U.C. Davis. (As an aside, I ask you to pray for the nurses and staff at this hospital – because they are intelligent, capable, loving people who have dedicated their lives to taking care of these kids – yet they are constantly having to deal with the stress of seeing new, sick kids and their shell-shocked families whose lives have just been turned upside-down – and of having to say good-bye, either at funerals of kids who have passed on or happy good-byes to the kids who have successfully completed their treatments. These nurses pour their hearts and souls into caring for these kids – and their families – and they could use all of the prayers that you could send their way.) Chrissie and Jennifer didn’t “solve” anything, but it always helps to talk through the stress and strain.

Sisters talking - with Emily, who wasn't feeling very well, at the time.

Sisters talking – with Emily, who wasn’t feeling very well, at the time.

Eight of the grandkids watching Grammie's favorite Christmas movie, "The Night They Saved Christmas!"  Finally, someone new to coerce to watch it!

Eight of the grandkids watching Grammie’s favorite Christmas movie, “The Night They Saved Christmas!” Finally, someone new to coerce to watch it!

So, for this Thanksgiving, we thank all of you for continuing to support and to pray for Emily – and just know that we also pray for you —–

Emily has a port – and it’s purple, of course!

Ready to go to the hospital!

Ready to go to the hospital!

On Thursday, Aug. 29th, Emily had the surgery to get her new port, which now replaces her previous Broviac catheter. As with the Broviac, the port will be used to give Emily IV fluids, chemo, and antibiotics and will also be used to draw labs, thus saving her from repeated IV sticks. The port was placed in her lower chest, just under the skin, and it has a catheter which threads under the skin and into the large, subclavian vein that is above her collarbone.

Playing "paper" dolls with Momma while waiting for surgery.

Playing “paper” dolls with Momma while waiting for surgery.

Emily left the house at 7:00 am, dressed as usual in her girly finery – fancy white top, new pink tutu (have to have a new one for surgery!), Egyptian-style sandals, pink polish and a pink rose headband. You would not believe how many nurses peeked into Emily’s pre-surgery waiting room to view whatever glittery, frilly clothes and baubles she had worn this time! Apparently, she is known for her fashion statements! You can never start too young — just sayin’!

Checking out a port.

Checking out a port.

It's purple!

It’s purple!

One of the Child Life Specialists brought her toys to occupy her during the two hours that we – Emily, Chrissie, and Grammie/me – waited prior to the surgery, and Chrissie and Emily had quite a story made up with their paper dolls. Also during that time, vitals had to be checked, paperwork had to be done, and visits had to be made by the doctors and anesthesiologist. The Child Life Specialist also brought in a port – purple, of course(!) – so that we could see what it would look like once inside of Emily. Emily was very interested and even more thrilled that it would be purple! Enough cannot be said about how much the Child Life Specialists do to help ease the wait and the anxiety and questions for parents and for the children.

Pre-surgery sleep.

Pre-surgery sleep.

Once it got closer to the surgery time, Emily was given some Valium – by way of a syringe that Chrissie squirted into Emily’s mouth – so that she would be relaxed when they wheeled her into the surgery room. Emily repeatedly asked if it was time to go for her ride – showing how many many times she has done the gurney ride down the hallway. To her, it’s just part of the process and it’s a kudo to the hospital staff that it isn’t a scary thing for her. Once inside the surgery room, she was given some gas with a mask and after she was completely asleep, they inserted a peripheral IV, in her hand, so that they could give her fluids and draw her weekly labs during the surgery. It was planned that way so that she wouldn’t have any needle sticks when she was awake. Another praise for the staff for thinking ahead for her.

Emily's new port - otherwise known as "her lump!"

Emily’s new port!

During her surgery, Chrissie and I went for some much-needed coffee. Well, I got coffee – Chrissie got Ibuprofen, to help with her very sore jaw, after having three wisdom teeth pulled on Monday. Once Emily was back from surgery, Chrissie and I went back into the pre-surgery/recovery room and waited for Emily to wake up. We also got our first look at her new port. The first thing she asked for as she was waking up was her pacifier. A few minutes later, she was asking for “ketchup and potato chips and chicken nuggets and French fries!”

Dressed to go - but still half asleep - but always a fashion-plate!

Dressed to go – still half asleep, but always a fashionista!

Realizing that her chest is a bit sore.

Realizing that her chest is a bit sore.

After picking up her brothers and sister from the friend who had been watching them all day, we drove through a McDonalds drive-thru, then home. Emily merely looked at her requested food for awhile, then eventually ended up eating most of it. By the end of the afternoon, both Emily and Momma were sitting on the couch, with ice packs on their chest and cheek, respectively.

Food! - just not sure yet if she really wants to eat it.

Food! – just not sure yet if she really wants to eat it.

The end of the day ---

The end of the day —

The next morning, Emily was still a little sore but feeling so much better that she went to everyone in the house, saying “I can walk! Look, I can walk!” and doing little dances. Apparently, she had felt so bad the day before that feeling good enough to be able to get up and walk just had to be announced! Her chest is feeling even better today – and Momma’s face is still a little swollen and sore but she says she is better, too.

Thank you to everyone who helped with prayers and child care – and to everyone at U.C. Davis for taking such good care of Emily —