So our appointment was sooner than I thought, and Emily got her hair cut today! It is SO cute! We were a little sad to see the sweet curls go, but the bob suits her perfectly, and her hair feels so thick and healthy now. Seeing her new intentionally-short hair feels liberating -like saying goodbye to the had-to-be-short-because-she-lost-it hairdo, and saying hello to an on-purpose hairdo.

Best part, she loves it! She danced around the salon singing, “I’m so cute! I’m so cute!”

With Kaitlyn before ...

With Kaitlyn before …

freshly shampooed

freshly shampooed


loving it!

loving it!


so cute!

so cute!

IMG_20150305_125922678_HDR IMG_20150305_125929047_HDR

She loves it!

She loves it!


5 responses to “Haircut!

  1. Very adorable! 🙂




    So very cute! She looks so grown up.Sent from Xfinity Connect Mobile App

  3. Gillian Shively

    She looks amazing and darling! She looks like you Chrissy 🙂 next thing you know she will be cheerleading in high school like you! 💕👯

  4. Margaret Bendt

    She is so cute!

  5. VERY CUTE!!

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