P. S.

Quick update. One of Emily’s regular doctors just came In. Instead of sepsis, they are thinking that she had a reaction to her IV Ig infusion yesterday. She’s had lots of these infusions – monthly for a year now – but sometimes reactions can just happen. As the doctor said, each IV Ig batch is a mix from thousands of donors so maybe there was something in this batch to which her body reacted. And a typical reaction to it is often increased temp and heart rate, etc., all the symptoms which she had yesterday.

As for the lung X-ray, the doctor thinks that it’s evidence of a past inflammation rather than an ongoing fungal infection. He said that if she remains afebrile today and tonight, she could likely go home tomorrow. Chrissie and I were thinking about the time a year or so ago when Emily was hospitalized for a cough and ended up in the PICU because her oxygen levels were too low -and an X-ray that time showed spots on her lungs.

As always, we may never get a clear answer but for now the good thing is that she is continuing to do well.


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  1. Sending all of you my love and prayers.

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