Lots of questions and a new wrinkle —

Morning --

Morning —

Emily is doing much better right now. She got shaky cold and her temp want back up to 102 while still in the ER and her heart rate stayed in the 130’s for awhile but her temp is now normal and her blood pressure and heart rate are good this morning. The hospital was swamped last night with both adults and kids on beds in the ER hallways at one point – ER nurses need special prayers – so it took awhile, and a couple of movies, before she was transferred but Emily was able to transfer up to a room on Davis 7, the Pediatric unit, at about 11:00 pm.

The news we have this morning is that a chest X-ray which was done yesterday as part of the standard sepsis protocol showed a small little spot – a “nodular opacity” – in the right upper lobe of her lungs that the radiologist read as a possible fungal infection. A fungal infection would have probably been there for months but Emily wasn’t showing any symptoms and so no one suspected. As we’ve learned along this road with Emily, she’s either well – or she’s very very sick. She has no in-between like normal people. We have no definite answers yet but as of now, it looks like there are two possible scenarios with one for-sure. The for-sure is that this fungal infection has probably been brewing for awhile. First scenario is that the stress of the surgery yesterday coupled with the brewing fungal infection overwhelmed her system and caused the sepsis. Second scenario is that the sepsis occurred for who knows whatever reason and the fungal infection was caught as a side effect. Either way, God is GOOD – because a lung fungal infection in an immunocompromised little girl can be very bad. Right now, Emily is on Rocephan, a broad spectrum antibiotic, and Fluconazole, an anti-fungal medication. The first doctor this morning said she may be here for 48 hours and then treated at home.

We got a surprise visit from Emily's favorite primary nurse, Nicole!

We got a surprise visit from Emily’s favorite primary nurse, Nicole!

On another note, life is different now that Emily is “older” and in the hospital. We’ve had a couple of really quick trips – and not always quick enough – to the bathroom now that she’s potty trained. Also, now that she no longer has her port, she has an IV lines in each arm and that makes it REALLY hard to get a clean nightgown on. I really am not sure why hospitals don’t have Peds gowns that snap?!

We will keep you updated once the main doctors come in —

P.S. Please excuse the errors in these current blogs. I’m having to do them on my Smart Phone – and I am apparently not smart enough to do it very well — Oh, we’ll —


3 responses to “Lots of questions and a new wrinkle —

  1. Praying for Emily and this new wrinkle! May God draw near and uphold the Loves as they manage this new trial.

    • Thank you both – Emily is better still and we are hoping to go home tomorrow! We appreciate so much everyone’s prayers.

  2. I am so sorry that the journey continues . . . but, as you said, God is good in that the fungal infection was caught! I feel for Chrissy and Jason; it is my prayer that one day they can look backwards at this and be amazed by God’s grace!

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