Costco and the Children’s Miracle Network


We’ve mentioned our involvement with CMN (over and over  and over  and over  and over  and over again), and also how we’ve been able to share our story with Costco, one of CMN’s greatest supporters. We love the people of Costco. They are kind, compassionate, generous, and supportive, and they’ve showered us with their affection more than once in the last couple of years. In March of this year the kids and I had the opportunity to share our story with the regional Costco managers again, and afterward, some of them came up to thank us. One of them was a cancer survivor and Costco Depot manager, who invited us to share Emily’s story and Beads of Courage at their 2nd annual CMN/Costco Golf Tournament. Of course, we were delighted to be involved!

So on Saturday, May 3rd, we headed down to Lockeford for the tournament, which was hosted by the Costco Depot and attended by Costco employees and vendors. Every single person we met was smiling and laughing and happy to see us.


After everyone was registered, they all gathered for a group photo, inviting us to join. Then they introduced us and we briefly shared our story. We brought Emily’s Beads of Courage, and the kids held them up as I talked. Mostly we wanted to thank them for their commitment to CMN. Costco has been a HUGE supporter of CMN for many years -you’re probably seeing the yellow and red CMN balloons at your local Costco now (May is their big drive month). However, in addition to the balloon sales at their warehouses, the Depot began this annual golf tournament -all on their own -and last year they raised $34,000. I haven’t heard the numbers for this year, but I’m sure it was more.

After we spoke, they surprised us by bringing out a birthday cake for Emily while they sang Happy Birthday. They also brought out goody bags for each of the children -and you can imagine how big and full the goody bags were, being from Costco! All the kids also received their very own Costco Employee lanyards! Those were a hit 🙂 The rest of the day was spent enjoying the sweet people, good food, and golf. We all had a blast and are so thankful we got to spend time with such amazing, warmhearted people.

IMG_20140503_1011217471907329_532139153561516_6697908054803611246_n 10366294_532139193561512_1782425743261722163_n

One of the raffle prize tables.

One of the raffle prize tables.




CMN Director, Jacqueline Mills, is the most amazing woman.

CMN Director, Jacqueline Mills, is the most amazing woman.

Sneaking in a snooze

Sneaking in a snooze


3 responses to “Costco and the Children’s Miracle Network

  1. Jeez. You guys are (warning: overused word coming atcha) AMAZING! I choked up at the Chico Costco and nodded like a bobblehead when they asked if I wished to donate to the CMN. Emily’s face popped into my mind. As did Geddy’s. And Garrett’s. And our local friend, Jessen. And every child that we’ve crossed paths with over the past year and two months. You guys have made such a huge difference due to this speed bump that was an Everest. Thank you from the hearts of families going through it, and I send gratitude, joy and love to the end of Emily’s treatment.

  2. Christina – so happy to hear stories like this.

  3. Last weekend we made our monthly trip to Costco and were excited to see the balloons up on the wall (they had them organized on the wall in the shape of a giraffe!). They didn’t ask at the register if we wanted to donate, but they had a big drop box for dollar bills on the way out. Katie and I put one in for Emily, and one in for Garrett. I’m so glad you guys got to be part of their event! They were so sweet and amazing to include the kids in that way (Costco name-tags? Score!). And the cake and poster are beautiful. So glad you have pictures, Chrissie. You all have experienced so much!

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