LLS campaign is almost over!

Whew! We have had a busy 9 1/2 weeks. When we signed on to help with the LLS Man/Woman/Students of the Year campaign, we knew we were committing to a busy Spring schedule -mostly because we also have two boys playing baseball, one playing golf, and Sophia in American Heritage Girls, in addition to Emily’s ongoing treatment and our involvement with the Children’s Miracle Network. But we figure it’s about the same as what most families are committed to on a regular basis!! And it’s NOTHING compared to our schedule two years ago, when Emily was first diagnosed. So it’s been busy, but in a good way, and we’re so happy to help. Plus, we have met some amazing people and been able to participate in some really cool events!

The LLS campaign ends this week! We get to celebrate at a fancy-schmancy gala on Saturday where we’ll find out how much money was raised and who the winners are! The girls and I are really excited to get all dolled up, but the boys don’t seem to be as happy about suits and ties. They’re lucky I couldn’t find tuxedos!

So here’s a brief rundown of some of the events we’ve been a part of since I last updated:

On Sunday April 6th we got to attend the SacTown Credit Union 10 Miler. This is an annual race sponsored by the Credit Unions that benefits the Children’s Miracle Network. One of our Woman of the Year candidates, Bernice Creager, set up her LLS booth and asked for donations and registrants for the Bone Marrow Registry.


Jason & Emily in front of Bernice's booth

Jason & Emily in front of Bernice’s booth

Emily w/Woman of the Year candidate Bernice Creager

Emily w/Woman of the Year candidate Bernice Creager

That same day the kids and I were invited to attend the local city college theater to watch two of our student candidates in a play of Goldilocks! It was such a fun thing to attend, and Emily can’t stop talking about it.

Emily & Sophia with Students of the Year candidates Julianna Hess & Megan Hester-McCullough (plus a little mouse)

Emily & Sophia with Students of the Year candidates Julianna Hess & Megan Hester-McCullough (plus a little mouse)

The following Sunday we attended  Man of the Year candidate, Roland Guillen’s Foot Golf Tournament. He is running for his friend Mike, who was diagnosed with lymphoma last Fall. We got to speak, along with Mike. The Boy of the Year, Garrett, got to play in the tournament with his brother and sister.


On Thursday the 24th we were invited to see David Garibaldi live! A former candidate, Abe Snobar, held this event and invited all the candidates plus Emily and Garrett. Wow, it was COOL! At the end of the show all four paintings David painted were auctioned off, and all the proceeds went to the LLS campaign.

On stage with Abe Snobar & our MC for the night

On stage with Abe Snobar & our MC for the night


On Saturday the 26th we attended Students of the Year, CK Hicks’ & Brendan McDonald’s Pasta Feed. Emily had fun dancing 🙂


The students showed Emily’s and Garrett’s videos, then Garrett’s grandma and I spoke to the attendees. We are so thankful for people like this that give of their time and money -because without them, we wouldn’t have the research that’s given Garrett and Emily a fighting chance.


There have been many, many other fundraiser events over the past 9 1/2 weeks, and I know all the candidates are looking forward to this weekend -when it’s all over!


5 responses to “LLS campaign is almost over!

  1. Was this just for the Sacramento area or for LLS in general? I greatly benefited from LLS in receiving funds to help with very expensive infusions post treatment. I was still off kilter in every way and to not have to worry about this great expense was such a relief. LLS is a great organization!
    Nice to see how well Emily is doing! Isn’t it wonderful that the cancer is behind now? Many blessings to the Love family!

    • chrissielove

      Cyndi, LLS runs this campaign nationwide, but we’re just a part of the local Sacramento chapter. It’s good to hear you’ve benefited so much from them -they are an amazing organization! I have been blessed by their message boards. I don’t post anything myself, but whenever I have a question and no one else to turn to, I know I can probably find someone there who’s already been through it.
      It is so nice to feel so free with her health now! Just two months of treatment left. We feel like the worst is behind us 🙂

  2. This last 9 1/2 weeks have been truly busy but I am thankful and feel very blessed to have met your family along with all the great candidates and new friends I have made through this experience. Thanks for the memories we did have fun didn’t we, hope to continue working together through CMN and LLS in the future.

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