Can you help a Pediatric Patient?

**UPDATED** We did it!

Do you remember this post, when Grammie shared that Jason and I got to help the Children’s Miracle Network wrap gifts at the local mall, and the Build-A-Bear store right across the way gave each of our children their own bear?



Well it was the first time I had ever been to Build-A-Bear and seen the process of building a bear, and I was moved to tears! The manager of the store led each of the kids through the steps of picking out an animal to stuff, picking out characteristics their animal would posses, and then adding the heart. When they added their hearts, the manager performed a ceremony for each one. She had them take their hearts and rub them on their backs while saying, “She’s(he’s) always got my back,” then they rubbed the hearts on their foreheads so their animal would be intelligent, jumped up and down with them so their animals would have health and energy, laughed with them so their animals would be happy and playful, rubbed them on their own hearts so their animal would be full of love, and finally they kissed the hearts so their animal would know how much they are loved. There were more things that I can’t remember, but I couldn’t hold back the tears! I thought it was the coolest thing! And right then I knew we had to make this happen for all the kids in the hospital.

So we asked the manager if it was even a feasible thing -to bring the process to the hospital -and she was as excited as we were! Jason jumped on the job right away and secured a sponsor. Partnering with the Child Life Program, we decided to bring Build-A-Bear to the hospital in February, because it’s Heart Disease Awareness Month. The sponsor agreed to donate enough money to provide a bear for each patient in the hospital on February 7th -that includes the General Peds Floor and the Peds ICU.

Build-A-Bear will bring a variety of partially-stuffed animals and accessories to the Playroom, and all the patients can pick one out and go through the process of building their own bear! Patients that can’t make it to the playroom will have the supplies and heart ceremony brought to them!

We have been so excited about this, but just today our sponsor pulled out. We could throw in the towel and give up, but we decided to turn to our friends for help. Build-A-Bear has given us a significant discount, but we still need to raise $1800 by Feb 2, 2014 to make this happen.

Jason set up a page through, to make it easy for anyone to donate. $30 will purchase one animal, but of course every little bit will help, even if it’s $1! Will you help us make this happen? If so, you can click the link below to go to the donate page. We’ll of course keep everyone updated as things progress! Thank you!

Sponsor a Build-A-Bear! 

Build-a-Bear for a Peds Patient!

Build-a-Bear for a Peds Patient!


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