— requesting prayers —

Chrissie wrote a post late Saturday about how Emily and Sophie had both come down with a gastrointestinal virus – lots of throwing up and diarrhea. Sophie is now 100% better. Emily seemed to be getting better
Saturday, but she never perked back up like Sophia did. The Home Health Nurse came out this morning – her regular visit – and drew labs, which came back late today with a critically low potassium level (2.5, while the normal for a childchild is 3.4-4.4). Chrissie was told to bring Emily in to the ER to get some IV hydration. The ER trip was because it was late in the day and the Infusion Room was closed, rather than because it was a life or death situation. Chrissie just emailed me that Emily’s labs were redrawn in the ER and that her potassium again came back low so they are getting IV potassium from the pharmacy to give to her now.

At this point, we are thinking they will rehydrate Emily and as soon as her labs come back with a better level, she and Chrissie will return home. Both Chrissie and I, however, have go-bags in our vehicles! I/Grammie am babysitting the other children, who are now asleep, but I will go to the ER once Jason returns home from school and give Chrissie some company in the ER. We will then see how it goes from there.

So, please pray for the whole family – and pray that Emily’s labs will come back up without having to be hospitalized. Her other labs have been good but she has lost weight that she didn’t have extra to lose and she was pretty weak tonight.

We thank you —


4 responses to “— requesting prayers —

  1. Adding my prayers. xoxoxo

  2. I’m holding all of you close in my heart. I’m envisioning plump, hydrated cheeks for Emily with electrolytes dancing through her body, and rejuvenating rest for the whole family. So much love and prayers coming your way.

  3. Thank you , Wendy – your prayers were answered!

  4. Thank you, also, Sandy —

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