Sick … but no hospital stay!

Two sweet, sick little girls

Two sweet, sick little girls

This is what the girls looked like most of this week. After a super fun Christmas and a 6th Birthday Party for Sophia on Saturday, Sophia came down with a stomach bug Monday night. A healthy Emily helped ring in the New Year Tuesday night, but then she woke up about 3 am with the same bug. And they spent the next few days on my bed, on the couch, and in the bathroom. At one point, after I took Sophie to the bathroom then went to clean up her bed, she attempted to make it back to bed on her own. She didn’t get very far.


Sophia has slowly begun recovering, and today (Saturday), she felt well enough to sit at the computer and play a game for a few minutes. Hopefully Emily will be just a day behind and will feel better within the next day or two. Today she is still on the couch, watching Netflix and sleeping.

The wonderful news about this illness, is that Emily has not had to go to the hospital! I called in Thursday, just to make sure we were okay keeping her at home and on her meds, and we were given the okay. She ran a low temp on and off for a few days, but nothing that ever reached the 101.4 marker, and I’ve been working really hard at keeping her hydrated. So another milestone has been reached: an illness without a hospital admission! Score one for us 🙂

It crossed my mind more than once to post earlier this week and ask for prayers, but I spent the week on the bed and couch with the girls, so this is my first chance at the computer. I know many of you pray for her continually anyway, and I appreciate those prayers!

Though it seems she is beginning to feel a bit better, I would definitely appreciate prayers for her weight and overall health. She has lost two and-a-half pounds already this week, and while that doesn’t seem like much, it’s almost 10% of her body weight. To put that into perspective, it took us an entire year to get her to gain three pounds. Optimistically though, she is healthier than she was last year, so hopefully putting on weight will be easier.

A bit underweight at the moment

A bit underweight at the moment

Miraculously, all three boys have remained healthy!

Oh! You may notice, looking at the above picture, that Emily’s hair is short again. I mentioned a while back that she was losing hair in the back. It just kept slowly falling out, so we finally cut off the side locks -there really wasn’t much there at all -and she’s growing it all back out again. She was a little sad to lose her curls, but we convinced her she looks like an adorable pixie, and she’s happy with that 🙂 And we’re all happy not having hair everywhere.


3 responses to “Sick … but no hospital stay!

  1. Margaret DeCoux

    Much love and prayers to your family! By Grace we saved daily! Grace upon Grace to you today!

  2. Sending prayers to your beautiful family! Love Emily’s short hair 🙂

  3. Sweet, sweet girls! Sad for the sick, but hurray for the working immune systems. Our prayers our with all of you, always! I envision a healthy appetite for Emily. If you send her to Chico next week, I’ll be in the PB and J making mode for preddy week. Love to have you guys!!! Love from our family to yours!!

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