The Gold Hope Project

Over the past year and a half, we have learned of many, many wonderful organizations dedicated to helping or supporting families with cancer-children. We have seriously been blown away by the generosity of time and money from these groups. The cancer world is not one we would have chosen for ourselves, but now that we’re here, we are very thankful that our eyes have been opened, not only to the needs of other families like ours, but also to the amazing hearts of people who just want to help. It is a humbling experience to walk this road, constantly dependent on others, but it is also a blessing. We actually feel refreshed, bathed in the love, care, and kindness of others.
Recently I learned about an organization called The Gold Hope Project, This nation-wide group is run by women dedicated to helping cancer-kid families capture their children in photographs, providing a keepsake they can treasure for years to come. The GHP matches up families with local photographers, who have volunteered their time and talents, for a photo session, and our family was recently able to participate. Mindy Newton, of, a photographer based in the Roseville area, met us a couple weeks ago to snap some photos. We had a blast! Mindy was super sweet, and even though it was Emily’s Steroid Week -and she wasn’t on her best behavior -Mindy was able to capture some really neat pictures.



5 responses to “The Gold Hope Project

  1. Wow. Just wow. I’ve never read one of your posts without tears. The Love’s are examples of living, loving grace. These are incredible pictures, and I will turn to this website for help, as we too are blessed with help and kindness on this journey through leukemia that we wouldn’t have selected for ourselves.

  2. Beautiful pictures. Beautiful family.

  3. Love the Love’s –
    When I saw Emily’s photo on Reader on wordpress, I broke into a smile. What a girl! What a family! I have followed you now since nearly diagnose. The transformation of Emily amazes me; from a baby to this darling girl with a crown. God has indeed been good to the Love family through very intense times to blessings like these photos.

    Chrissy, I am posting your helpful hints to parents of childhood cancer. My, I never expected such a thorough list! It is incredible. My God lead parents to my blog and reap abundant blessings and comfort and encouragement for your helpful hints. May your dedicated efforts not be in vain.
    p.s. I am using one of your family photos for the article intro. If that is not ok, please let me know.

  4. Beautiful pictures of an even more beautiful family.

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