Update – Day 7 – Tuesday

This was Emily this morning - all smiles and giggles and fun!

This was Emily this morning – all smiles and giggles and fun!

– We have some progress today — We got news from Emily’s Oncologists that three(!) bacteria have been isolated from Emily’s blood stream. Pseudomonas – serratia – and a new one, leclercia. As we understand it, Pseudomonas is common – serratia is uncommon, enough so that nurses said they had almost never seen it cultured from a patient – and leclercia, so rare that none of the nurses had ever even heard of it, including me. Like serratia, leclercia is found in the intestinal tract. When it causes problems, it’s usually in immunocompromised patients and it’s found along with other infectious organisms, as in Emily’s case. The leclercia was isolated from the first day’s labs but took longer to grow; therefore, we are just now learning about it. As is usual with Emily, she comes up with the unusual – her doctors were surprised when she was invaded by two organisms – more than surprised by there being three.

– Emily’s Broviac catheter was removed this afternoon. They managed to squeeze her in to the surgery schedule – the procedure was quick and went well – and after she came out of the anesthesia, she was returned to her room, where she promptly chowed down on a bag of Ruffles potato chips – then later ate chicken nuggets, which Auntie Gaby kindly brought to her.

Emily and her reward of Ruffles potato chips!

Emily and her reward of Ruffles potato chips!

– She now has a peripheral IV line in her hand, which will be used for lab draws. She’s been put on oral antibiotics – yea! The Culture and Sensitivity lab finally came back showing a new antibiotic, Levaquin, would work. The Infectious Disease doctors, who have the final say in these things, advised that since the source of infection, her Broviac, has now been removed, she should be okay with oral antibiotics, rather than IV. She’ll be taking Levaquin for four days and, if she remains healthy, there will be no need for further IV antibiotics and she may get to go home soon. Along with her entourage, of course!

– For now, she is still in the PICU, which is fine. We are slowly coming to grips with the gowns and gloves and she can be monitored continuously there. If she shows any sign of relapse, IV antibiotics will be restarted.

– Thank you – AGAIN – for all of your prayers and your support, both physical and emotional. It looks like maybe there’s now a light at the end of this tunnel. Thank you —-


4 responses to “Update – Day 7 – Tuesday

  1. What a delight to see that smiling face this morning!! I am so glad that things are now moving forward!! A collective sigh I am sure!

    Emily’s journey continues to intrigue me – that little one is my hero! I am writing a post inspired by her story and tying in how some children with cancer as well as some parents of children with cancer can suffer from PTSD. This is my post cancer passion; to let Christians, as well as any survivor know, that for some an isolating and confusing depression may be experienced after treatment. Five years ago the medical community was coming up short in any kind of information for a survivor to read and learn from. Now they are beginning to research and post their findings regarding PTSD and cancer. I want the christian cancer community to know there is hope and a full recovery from post-treatment depression.
    Always my best and cyber hugs to Emily!

    • Thank you, Cyndi – We’ll look forward to seeing your post. As always, I hope that you are doing well – we keep you in our prayers, too.
      Genie —

  2. we’va been faithfully praying for Stitch and her family, how courageous they are and pray that she will be well soon!

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