Update – Day 6 – Monday


– Emily is doing much better today! Her blood pressures and vital signs have been good, she had chicken nuggets and catsup for lunch, then took a good nap and woke up with bubbles in her tummy – or so it seems! She had a great visit with Papa and Grandma/Larry and Rebecca before lunch and got to visit with Chrissie’s friend, Liz, after dinner. She has informed everyone about her wishes for Christmas – a pony, among other things – and told stories and laughed and giggled. It’s awesome to see Stitch again!

– Her blood cultures from yesterday are so far still negative, though they will continue to be watched, as it can take 48-72 hours for bacteria to grow. But the slow growth is good news, as it means the infection is at least lessening. The Infectious Disease doctors said it’s possible that the earlier, positive culture for Serratia was a false one, but she is definitely positive for Pseudomonas. The lab is continuing to test the earliest cultures to find exactly which antibiotic the bacteria is most sensitive -and therefore responsive -to. In the meantime, Emily will continue to receive the two broad-spectrum antibiotics that usually clear gram-negative bacteria.

– Her primary Oncologist, Dr. Ducore, advised that removing her Broviac catheter may be the logical decision at this point. He said that Pseudomonas is very hard to clear completely and that even if her cultures continue to come back negative, there’s a chance that a very small amount of bacteria could “hide” in her catheters and cause another episode of infection months down the road. Since she woke up seemingly fine last Wednesday and was in septic shock within a few hours, no one wants to take that chance. Chrissie and Jason agree with Dr. Ducore. So —- she is scheduled for surgery to remove the catheter – hopefully tomorrow. They are having to fit her into the surgery schedule so that means it could be as early as 8:00 am – or later in the day – or even the next day.

– After the Broviac is removed, Emily’s doctors will wait until all of the current infection is cleared out of her system and her body has healed from the surgery and will then discuss possibly inserting a new catheter. In the meantime, she’ll have some kind of IV line in one of her arms.

– For tonight, we are still in the PICU. She has now been downgraded to be able to go to the regular Peds floor so we are waiting for a room to open up. Seems like we’re always waiting for that! In the meantime, just keep praying. Your prayers are obviously helping her and supporting Chrissie and Jason. Thank you so very very much —-


6 responses to “Update – Day 6 – Monday

  1. Ive been looking forward to these updates, everyone one seems to have a bit of bad news but a tiny bit more of the good news! Her smile in the picture above is infectious!(no pun intended) praying for an even speedier recovery and a very easy brobiac removal.

  2. Wonderful to see the happy photo and get the good news.

  3. So glad to see her smiling. I miss our little Stitch. A mopey alien is just no fun 🙂

  4. Thank you all! And, Elisabeth, we miss you, too —

  5. Praying for all of you guys:)

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