Update – Day 5 – Sunday

Emily got a visit from Bapa/Grandpa Tom this morning!

Emily got a visit from Bapa/Grandpa Tom this morning!

– We are still in the PICU! This morning, we were going to be “downgraded” to go downstairs as soon as they had a room. Then the Hem-Oc (Hemtology-Oncology) doctor came in and said they’d like to watch her up here for maybe another day, just to be sure. In the PICU, she’s hooked up to constant monitoring of her vital signs where, on the regular Peds floor, she isn’t. Later, we were told that downstairs had a room for us, they just needed to get the patient who was in it, discharged. Then, later(!), we were told that the Hem-Oc docs didn’t downgrade her to a regular floor, but to “special care status,” meaning they want her to stay here for today and tonight.
So, you just have to roll with it and assume anything that you are told, could change!

– Emily’s doctor said that if she has four days’ straight of positive blood cultures for bacteria, then they will remove her Broviac catheter. Once the current infection is cleared, she could possibly get another Broviac or maybe a port, which is another type of central line catheter. That will be a discussion for Chrissie and Jason and her primary Oncologist, Dr. Ducore. Yesterday’s positive culture was considered day 2 for the labs, so we shall see how today’s and tomorrow’s turn out.

Bapa brought McDonald's chicken nuggets and Emily was thrilled, to say the least!

Bapa brought McDonald’s chicken nuggets and Emily was thrilled, to say the least!

– Emily’s vital signs have been good and she was in a much much better mood for most of the day! She seems pretty quiet right now – took a four-hour nap and still doesn’t want to be very active – but she’s been stuck in a bed for several days and sometimes that makes you feel not so good. Either way, she seems better each day.

Emily and Daddy!

Emily and Daddy!


3 responses to “Update – Day 5 – Sunday

  1. Laughing so hard at the last picture. The look on Emily’s face proves she’s of the Turner clan. Classic Turner stare.

  2. I just want you to know that I have been and am praying for Emily and her family.

  3. Thank you so much, Don!

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