How Can I Help?

Since Wednesday, so many people have emailed asking how they can help or have approached a friend or family member asking the same. We are so grateful for all of you and the blessings you bestow on the Love family! For this hospitalization, here are three of the key ways that you can help out of the six on the page “How You Can Help“:

ChildCare: During hospitalizations, the kids traditionally stay with myself (Auntie Gaby) and my husband Jay, as their dad leaves for work at 5am on weekdays and it was historically too hard on the kids to get up that early and too hard to obtain childcare at that time of day. This time though, Jason has obtained permission from his employer to temporarily work from home. This is a tremendous blessing as it means the kids can stay in their own beds, something they are VERY excited about! To help Jason actually get some work done, he has asked for help during the hours of 7am-3pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday of this week. A childcare email went out Friday night and a few days are covered but we still need help. If you would like to be added to the list of babysitters, please email us with your availability, address, phone number, relationship to family (I’m still learning who’s a cousin, uncle or friend in this huge family) and include if you would like to be called in an emergency only, and we will get in touch. That email address is

Meals: The Meal Train that worked so well when Emily was first diagnosed, has been activated. All of the instructions for where to deliver and more, are within the Meal Train website. One thing we want to emphasize is that the kids are in Summer Little League and Jason is helping coach two teams. He will not be home most evenings  around dinner time to accept a food delivery so it is very important that meals arrive between 9am and 3pm. We know these are awkward times so if they don’t work for you, please contact Jason to schedule a drop off the night before, after they get home from Baseball. Jason’s cell phone is listed in the meal train, so you can call or text him. If you are able to serve by providing meals for the family, create a log in at Meal Train and sign up for any open date!

Prayer: We know there are people following this blog from all over the world and for you, we simply ask that you continue praying. For specific prayer, please pray for the Children by name: Ethan, Adam, William and Sophia, who very much miss their Mommy. Please pray for Jason who is out of his comfort zone this week juggling work, Little League, laundry, bath time and all other duties Christina usually covers. Please pray for Chrissie who is scared and know that she has faith that God has a plan and is in constant prayer herself. Chrissie is tired and her back is sore from Emily’s hospital bed (I was in it for 3 hours yesterday while Chrissie attended her sister-n-laws baby shower and my back is still spasming this morning). Please pray that Chrissie’s tired body gets some relief. Please pray for Tom (Bapa) who is without his wife (Grammie) as she dutifully stays by Chrissie and Emily’s side in the hospital, making sure Chrissie gets to eat, asking medical questions of the doctors and helping as adult company during the long hospital stay (did we mention how glad we are that she retired early??). Please pray for the Labs at UC Davis as they run tests on the bacteria cultures, trying to quickly isolate the best drug to attack the bacteria in Emily’s blood. Please lift up Emily’s huge staff of Doctors and Nurses as they monitor every little thing, knowing that Emily rarely shows signs anything is wrong until it is REALLY wrong. Also, please pray for our little Emily who has not been very Stitch like this week. She is tired, puny and mostly (mostly!!!) mellow. Though this makes it easier on Mommy, we pray that Emily returns to her normal, Stitch (stinker) self quickly.

Beyond those requests, if you have questions or want to help in any way, Contact us at Family members are regularly checking this email account and will do their best to respond quickly by phone or email.

As always, Thank you!


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