Update – Day 3 – Friday

– Today has been a rollercoaster. Before we went to bed last night, Emily’s blood pressure medication, Norepinephrine, had been decreased to as low as it could without being turned off and the hope was that her blood pressures would remain stable and we all could merrily be transferred to the regular Peds floor today and not have to deal with gowns and gloves and multiple monitoring lines anymore. Of course, that didn’t happen. Her BP’s slipped as low as 60/30 during the night and so the medication dose was increased a notch. Then decreased again as her pressures returned to normal. Then increased again – twice – as her pressures fell again, once as low as 60/20. Hence, the rollercoaster. She has to have enough pressure/force in her circulatory system to be able to push the blood to all of her organs, to keep them healthy. Problem is, when your body is fighting an invasion by a bacteria, sometimes your blood vessels get weak and/or leaky and they just don’t work like they should. They will, they just aren’t yet.

A very very cold child - and a very worried Momma.

A very very cold child – and a very worried Momma.

– Emily has had two more episodes of temperature spikes. One started at 4 am this morning with intense shivering, a heart rate into the 190’s, and after about an hour, the temp started and went up to 101.4. She was then given Tylenol. Chrissie and I are pretty sure Emily’s temp increased some more but it wasn’t actually taken again until after the Tylenol had kicked in. Emily was more sleepy than usual after that but otherwise okay. About 11 am, the same scenario occurred again – intense shivering – so intense that Emily hurt all over, her lips were a little blue, and she was just curled under the blankets in a little ball of legs and arms. Her heart rate this time got up to 215. Surprise, surprise – her blood pressures were pretty good during all of this. The nurses gave her Tylenol but her temp continued to go up to 105.2, then finally decreased. After this second episode, which lasted two plus hours, Emily was her normal, smiley self. Can’t say the same for the rest of us.

– Chrissie’s doctor came in this afternoon to tell us that her blood cultures from this morning again showed gram negative rods, meaning that she still has the bacteria in her system. Her doctor said, which we had already surmised, that the continuing temps and blood pressure problems are because of that – her body is still trying to fight. Once the specific gram negative bacteria is isolated – and this could take several days, but should be soon – they will then be able to target it directly. Until then, Emily is getting a “cocktail” of three different antibiotics.

Please pray for Emily – that her body and the antibiotics can start to work together to clear out this bacteria. Also pray for her little emotions – they are ragged right now. Pray for Chrissie – as she was Very Very scared today. It’s pretty scary when you’re looking up the signs of septic shock online and your baby fits all of them. Pray for the doctors and nurses and their continuing wisdom. Pray for Emily’s brothers and sister, who are again making the daily trips from house to house. Pray for Jason, who is able to work from home – yea to his company(!) – for now. And pray for the friends and family who are again rallying to support Emily and her family. Thank you all – and good night!

Emily got her first food tonight - lemon sorbet ice cream!

Emily got her first food tonight – lemon sorbet ice cream!


7 responses to “Update – Day 3 – Friday

  1. Jene Callahand (Queen)

    Praying for you, baby girl!


  2. Kristin Gaboury

    Prayers, love, hope, smiles, tears, more prayers, more love, always hope, and tears, and love…

    So good, you are, at hanging in…All the best,

    Kristin Larsen Gaboury

  3. 😦 Thanks for posting Mama. So scary!
    Keeping praying. Love you all ❤

  4. Definitely prayed! Jesus is coming back soon!

  5. Ah, my heart just hurts for the Love family. I think the word “ragged” is probably an understatement . . . I am praying for the family right now. I know it must be disappointing to have life return to fun summer busyness and then to get slapped with such a grave illness. Dear Father God, be with the whole family – we know You are but let them feel You as they go through this valley of difficulty and uncertainty and hope. Comfort Your little child, Emily.

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