Update – Day 2 – Thursday



– Emily is doing better today – still in the Peds Intensive Care Unit – the doctors are gradually decreasing the dosage of Norepinephrine, the drug that is helping her blood pressure get back to normal. She’s down to 0.5 mcg, the lowest dose before they stop it. Her last two blood pressures were a little on the low side so they aren’t going to stop it just yet but once she’s off of it and her blood pressures remain normal, she should be able to split from the ICU and go down to the regular Peds floor.

– Emily had a 96+-degree temp during the night last night, which isn’t abnormal for someone who’s resting, but considering that her temp yesterday was up to 106 degrees, we decided she was probably the only person here who’s had a ten-degree change in her temperature within 24 hours

A bouncy ladybug balloon!

A bouncy ladybug balloon!

– Emily very badly wants to eat but cannot until she’s off the Norepinephrine. It causes her blood vessels to constrict, in order to increase her blood pressure, and since the vessels also constrict in her intestines and gut, any food would just sit there and cause unnecessary additional problems. This situation requires sneaking bites while turning one’s head to the side or eating in the bathroom. Will be nice to get to the regular floor, for sure.

– She ran a temp again this morning – over 101 – and was shivering. The doctors explained that she may run intermittent temps for a couple of days and that this is really a “good” sign. They explained that a temp means the antibiotics which they are giving her are killing the bacteria in her blood stream, therefore causing the bacteria to break up and release their toxins, which in turn causes her body to fight back with a temp. The body’s natural defense to kill a foreign object, like a virus or bacteria, is to raise it’s body temperature to kill said organism. It makes sense, in a strange sort of way —

– Her initial blood cultures came back within a few hours yesterday, showing a gram negative bacteria in her blood stream – and the doctors confirmed that that quick result indicated a significant amount of bacteria in her little system. No wonder she got so sick, so fast – and thanks to our God for her Momma who listened to that “little voice” telling her that something was wrong with her baby and made the call to take her to be checked – and to the doctors who were able to save her from a potentially very bad outcome.

Her own balloon bouquet and a cuddly monkey!

Her own balloon bouquet and a cuddly monkey!

– She’s had several visitors today – all of which have been willing – if not happy(!) – to don gowns and gloves to visit Emily and Chrissie. Leslie, who knows Emily through Childrens Miracle Network, brought her a ladybug balloon and a talking book, which finally brought a smile to a slightly grumpy (she can’t eat) Emily’s face! She also brought Grammie/me a mocha frappuccino from the coffee shop downstairs, bringing a morning smile to Grammie’s face! Emily got a nice, long visit from her favorite Peds floor nurse, Nicole, who had seen Emily’s admission in the computer and come up to see her. Bapa (Grandpa) came and brought snacks for Chrissie. The Tasitas family, whose daughter plays baseball with Adam, sent Emily a bunch of balloons and a soft, snuggly monkey! And, of course, Chrissie’s friend, and “sister,” Liz, brought the best bubble machine ever!

Again, thank you to all of the friends and family who are rallying around Emily’s family and helping with babysitting and visits and prayers. We will keep you posted —

AND, we cannot leave out our dear Momma, lying in bed with her sick baby, finishing up online traffic school!  Had to be done today, too!!!  Gotta love her --!

AND, we cannot leave out our dear Momma, lying in bed with her sick baby, finishing up online traffic school! Had to be done today, too!!! Gotta love her –!


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  1. Thanks Momma! ❤

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