We have no further information yet as to what happens from here but we do know that Chrissie WON the SUV FOR SUPER MOM contest!! She just received this email —

“It is our pleasure to announce that you, Christina Love, are the official winner of the Elk Grove Auto Mall “SUV for Super Mom” giveaway!”

As I am typing this, she is calling the contest administrators to find out what is the next step. She has won either a $25,000 SUV or that amount of money towards another SUV, either new or used – of her choice – from ANY of the dealers in the Elk Grove Auto Mall! Go to to see the official announcement. Also go to to see her picture as the official winner!

All we can say is THANK YOU – THANK YOU – THANK YOU – for your support and the time that each of you took to vote for and pray for her. Thank you — We will keep you posted!


16 responses to “SHE WON!!

  1. Carol Hallissy


  2. Liz Dombroski

    Praise the Lord!! What an awesome answer to prayer!!!

  3. Alica Norvell

    Congrats to Christina, Jason & family. A more deserving family would be hard to find. Continued prayers come your way!

  4. Yep! I knew it! I knew God had something up His wonderous sleeve! He is GOOD, He KNOWS and He PROVIDES! Big smiles and a happy dance here in Montana!

  5. Kristin Gaboury

    This is utterly magnificent news !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you for posting. My love to your beautiful family, Grammie.

    Kristin Larsen Gaboury

  6. Linda montano

    I knew our God had a plan when it was delayed. Gods timing is always perfect! So happy she won. Linda montano

    • Thank you – ALL of you! And yes, for the contest announcement to be delayed and Chrissie to win in spite of being behind in the actual vote count shows that God has been in control all the time – in spite of our questions and doubts! He has truly had their backs.

  7. Oh Praise our WONDERFUL GOD!!! I am so happy for you! God is on the Throne and executing His Will from the Heavens to the earth! Praise Him! Our prayers were answered! Thank You Jesus! Rheta Dinucci xoxoxoxoxoxo

  8. Dorissa Carnell

    CONGRATULATIONS, Chrissy and family!!!!! Our God is truly AWESOME!!! Me and mine are praying for you and yours….may our God continue to bless you and your entire family!!!

    • Thank you, Dorissa – We were – and will continue to be – praying for your family, too.
      Grammie/Chrissie’s Mom

  9. Candy Hershey

    So awesome to hear!!! I knew God was doing something big! Thank you for letting us know.
    love, Candy Hershey

    • We just thank all of you for supporting her. A lot of people spent quite a bit of time voting – and staying up late to see the results!

  10. Very touching. Happy new year, loved ones.

  11. And Happy New Year to you, too!

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