We need help —-

This is to all of the friends and family who have been following Emily’s story. Chrissie and Jason’s van died several months ago. They have not had transportation that will hold all seven of them since that time. The van cannot be fixed. Chrissie has been borrowing her mother-in-law’s van or other cars – or people have been giving her rides. If several kids have to go somewhere, it sometimes takes two trips because most vehicles won’t hold more than five at a time. The Elk Grove Auto Mall is running a contest called suvforsupermom, where the “super mom” who gets the most votes will win a $25,000 SUV or $25,000 towards a new or used SUV – from ANY of the many dealerships within the auto mall. The voting has been going on for several weeks but it ends at 11:59 pm PST – tonight. Chrissie had a huge lead in votes until this morning but that lead has now closed to less than one hundred votes. If anyone reading this blog has not already voted, PLEASE vote for her. Go to http://www.suvforsupermom.com and register. If you answer a few extra questions, you can get fifteen extra votes. Then type in the last name Love and it will take you to her page, where there’s a box to click in order to vote for her. The voting continues through 11:59 pm PST tonight so someone in another time zone could vote tonight, even if it’s after midnight there. We weren’t going to post this on Emily’s blog because we didn’t think this was appropriate but, in the long run, having a vehicle for them will benefit Emily. It has been really hard to juggle transportation for Emily’s multiple appointments these past few months. We appreciate any help you can give us – and if you vote tonight, please pass this on to your friends. Thank you – Genie/Grammie


3 responses to “We need help —-

  1. She didn’t win – at least, not as of tonight – but it wasn’t because everyone didn’t try. Thank you all so much. The Elk Grove Auto Mall will officially announce the winner on the 11th, after they audit all of the votes to make sure the contest rules were followed. God WILL provide them a vehicle —

  2. I agree, Grammie, God WILL provide them with a vehicle. The Love’s trusted Him all through Emily’s treatment; they have learned a deep abiding trust in God and now they must trust Him for a new provision. God delights to provide for His “adopted” children. Blessings to all, Cyndi

  3. Thank you, Cyndi – we all agree with you.

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