A few weeks ago I asked for prayers for a young friend of ours, Amanda. It is with immense sadness that I am now asking you to pray for her family, as Amanda passed away Saturday night. Though Amanda was only 16 years old, her faith in Jesus was strong, and we have assurance that she is now in heaven with Him and is no longer in pain. But, while Amanda is now in comfort, her family is left here with broken hearts and indescribable grief. She has left behind her mother and father and one younger brother, as well as many extended family and friends. They will all need prayers as they experience the grief of her loss and struggle with the anger and confusion that will surely come.
Emily and I were blessed to know her for a short time, and she and her family will forever be dear to me. This journey we’re on is a bumpy one, with too many unexpected twists and turns. We live in a broken world full of sin and disease and death, and yes our God has victory over this, but here on earth it just really, really sucks sometimes.
Amanda began her cancer journey in January 2012, just one month before Emily, so by the time Emily made her first visit to the Cancer Center Infusion Room for outpatient chemo in March, Amanda and her family were already pros there. Emily and I showed up completely unprepared, not knowing how long we would be there or whether or not we could bring food, etc. And Emily had been on steroids for 5 weeks, so she was cranky and hungry all the time. To my embarrassment, as soon as we checked in, Emily began literally screaming for pizza. All the patients are in one large room together, so there was no hiding, and Emily made it loudly clear that she was not happy and she wanted pizza. About an hour into our visit, and Emily still screaming, a father came into the room and stopped at the bed of his beautiful young girl. He stayed just a little while, then left. A few minutes later, he came back and spoke to the nurses. Then one of the nurses came to me with a box in her hands. The father, Amanda’s dad, had heard Emily’s screams, understood the situation completely, and gone to Subway down the street to purchase her a mini pizza. I was so embarrassed and touched by the gesture that I didn’t even say thank you.
The Pinney Family is a special one. I hate that they had to travel this awful journey only to lose their little girl. Please keep them in your prayers.
Thank you.
The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.
~ Psalm 34:18

Amanda Pinney

Amanda Pinney


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  1. Oh Chrissie, my heart is so heavy, it crys for the Pinney family. Amanda and Emily had such a special relationship and I know how much you and her parents loved on each other. I know God has a plan yet in moments like these, it can be hard to believe. The verse you listed is a perfect reminder.

    Please let us know if they need anything and if you would like to go the funeral, let me know if you need me to watch the kids.

  2. Chrissie, I’m so so sad for her family. She’s beautiful. And you just shared with me about her hospice care, and I’m sure that her family was still hoping and praying that she would come out of it. Ugh! I hate that this happened! One consolation is that she did have strong faith in Jesus. Her pain is truly over! Her family has a Rock to stand on that is stronger than their grief; and a hope greater than their pain. I’m sorry for you too, and Emily, for losing such a sweet friend. I love you ❤

  3. I can’t begin to imagine how difficult it must be. The only glimmer is that Amanda is with our King of kings and Lord of lords. May Jesus hold each of them close and dry all their tears.

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