To all of Emily’s supporters —

We received an email this week from Emily’s Auntie Jennifer, telling us that her friend, Lynda, will be running the San Diego Rock N Roll Half Marathon on June 2nd, in honor of Emily. Jennifer and Lynda met last year when they were both training with Team in Training for the October Nike Womens Half Marathon and raising money for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society. Jennifer sent a link to Lynda’s fundraising page and we learned that Lynda is not only going to do the marathon in June, she already ran the San Luis Obispo Full Marathon in April. Both marathons are/were in honor of Emily, as well as her sister-in-law, who has breast cancer, and for both, Lynda has been raising money for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society. Here is Lynda’s fundraising page, if you would like to read more –

We are not asking for donations with this post, as Lynda is already fully funded, but we wanted to say “Thank You,” a thousand times over, to Lynda for all of the hours she has spent on training, all of the mornings she has had to roll out of bed early, all of the times she has had to ask others for money and for the big heart that she must have in order to do this in honor of our little girl. Finding out about Lynda – someone most of us in Emily’s extended family have not met – brings to mind all of the other people who are praying for and supporting Emily and her family in so many ways. Some we know and some we don’t but Every Single One Of You is important to us and matters to us. You are our safety net – you are our security blanket – you are our family. THANK YOU —–


2 responses to “To all of Emily’s supporters —

  1. And if you feel led to give to LLS in Emily’s honour, please do! Many fundraisers for cancer research fall short of financially benefiting that research, but LLS gives 75% of all monies made directly to research. This research has directly benefited Emily as she has continuously deviated from the “normal” course of treatment for ALL, and has depended on new and varied treatments in order to achieve her current success. Cancer stinks! And I am blessed to be connected with a group (LLS and TNT) that feels genuinely compelled to sacrifice for this cause.

  2. May the Lord continue to bless you with strength, grace and peace.

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