One Whole Year!

When people find out that Emily has leukemia, the first question is almost always, “How did you know?”. To answer that here, I wrote, in detail, about the events leading up to her diagnosis, and I posted it on a new page, which you can go to by clicking this link.

Two days from now will be one year from the time Emily was diagnosed with ALL, so it’s probably not surprising that I’ve spent a lot of my recent time reflecting on the past year. Today especially has been a somewhat emotional day, because we attended our annual Co-op Valentine’s Day Party this morning, and it was right after this party last year that we took Emily to the ER at UCD. On the way to the party, I wondered how I would feel once there, and in fact, I started tearing up a bit as we passed the fast food restaurant we ate lunch at after the party last year. Yet once we arrived at the roller skating rink, I realized how –even though I now know Emily has cancer –today I feel less worried and anxious than I did last year when I had no answers as to what was going on with her.
At this time last year Emily was simply not herself, my instincts told me something was very wrong, and I was very, very worried. During the party I couldn’t hold back tears while discussing it with some of my friends, and I was on pins and needles waiting for the late afternoon when I planned to take her to the Doctor -again. Yet even though her diagnosis was devastating, it was so much worse not knowing what was wrong.
Today was a different day. Last year Emily couldn’t make it around the rink one time. This year she happily skated all the way around (it took ten minutes to go around one time!) and cried when I had to turn her skates back in. Last year she fell asleep in her aunt’s arms. This year she played and danced and laughed for two whole hours, then ran around in the parking lot with her siblings and cousins afterward. Last year she was as pale as a ghost and covered in bruise. This year her cheeks were flushed and the only bruises she has are the ones she earned by cheerfully, rambunctiously playing this past month. Last year she wouldn’t eat anything. This year she scarfed down a whole bag of popcorn, a cookie, half a bottle of water, and then came home and ate her entire lunch.
Today was a good day. Almost healing, in a way, because I was able to see a healthy(ish) little girl doing what she was supposed to do. And even though I know what she’s been through and what she still has to face, I have peace. Last year God was nudging me to keep seeking answers; this year I feel the peace that surpasses all understanding, knowing that God has always had the answers.
When we got home today, Emily was in such good spirits I had to snap a few pictures. Here are her and her siblings today 

DSCN1209 DSCN1213

Please praise God with me that Emily’s IGg transfusions seem to be working! Her brothers and sister all came down with an illness last week, but Emily stayed healthy!


12 responses to “One Whole Year!

  1. I love it Chrissie! Well said! I am so happy to see your resolution. I can’t believe it has been a year. Probably the hardest of your life. We love you and Jason and hope this next year brings more healing and joy.

  2. Praising God with you today. I was emotional today also, thinking about last year, as we were on our way to the roller rink. I teared up as we passed the restaurant too. What a difference a year makes. I love seeing Em smiling again and her hair is adorable. It was so good to see our feisty girl out on her skates, today. She told me “I went fast! I did tricks, it was so fun.” Music to this auntie’s ears! Love you and giving thanks to God for healing our girl and for all the love and support that so many have shown.

  3. WOW! She looks like a completely different kid with that smile and energy and hair!!!! Praising God with you!!!!!

  4. Look at that cute hair and those sparkly eyes! Praising God with you, and trusting Him for the future.

  5. Love the relief and gratitude and peace in your voice. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Awesome post!

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  7. Shellie Lynn Collins

    Thanks for sharing! God is working!

  8. Chrissie – you and your family are an inspiration. You, as a mother, have had a year of struggles that we all fear and have handled it with such grace. As a family, I see so much love and joy in the face of hardship. You are all very special and a blessing to the rest of us.

  9. Love you so much Mrs. Plum! I am incredibly proud of all you’ve survived and accomplished and thrived through this past year. God is working in you and through you in so many ways. You’re in my prayers today and always.

    ps Someone should print that adorable mohawk picture and send it to me so I can look at it everyday and smile 🙂

  10. Thank you for your letter. You are a beautiful example of one who loves the Lord. I know there must have been many times you struggled through this time. Yet, a year later you are able to praise the Lord and be thankful for His care. Yes, I will praise Him for His continued strength, faithfulness and healing for Emily. I also am thankful for your lives that honor and glorify Him.

  11. How encouraging! I love how you testify to His care, faithfulness and power!

  12. Your transparency and vulnerability came across the page like dear friends having coffee together. The pictures of the kids are lovely and I can see Emily’s eye sparkle and joy in that last picture. (((hug)))

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