We’re out —- !

Emily, all dressed up and ready to head home!

Emily, all dressed up and ready to head home!

Emily’s IgG infusion was finished, her Broviac lines were flushed with heparin, and we were able to walk out of the ICU about 4:30 Sunday afternoon.  It felt sooooo good to be able to breathe without a mask over our faces!  Almost the best part of going home! Almost —-

We are hoping – and praying – that this IgG infusion will start Emily on the road of fewer hospital stays. We offer a huge Thank You to her nurses in the ICU, who had to listen to Emily’s tantrums several times, especially during the last 24 hours, as she started to feel a little better and a little less willing to stay confined to a bed and monitors and her room.  We know they are well aware of sick children and how they can act, but they showed a lot of patience in helping us care for Emily.  Thank you — you made our stay more pleasant.


4 responses to “We’re out —- !

  1. Just by looking at the recent pics, she LOOKS better here. Not just the regular clothes, her skin looks pinker! YAY for healthier babies, and heres hoping she stays feeling better.

  2. She’s getting so grown up! Who made the dress? It’s adorable! SO happy you are all home and not wearing masks anymore! I’m praying it stays that way!

  3. So glad to hear Emily is home! May The Lord give everyone some well needed sleep and rest!

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