You are my Sunshine —–

Emily - and Chrissie - back in the ICU.

Emily – and Chrissie – back in the ICU.

Back in the ICU --

This is a song that I/Grammie sang to my girls when they were young – “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine – you make me happy, when skies are gray – you’ll always know dear, how much I love you – won’t you be my sunshine today?” My girls now sing this song to their kids – as Chrissie does to Emily —

Right now, Emily is having trouble feeling – or being – very sunshiny.  She is back in the hospital – at U.C. Davis Medical Center – and is again back in the Peds ICU.  She has been acting poorly for about a week – more tired – quit eating and only wanted to nurse again – had a little cough that developed into a bigger cough – then  coughing spasms which caused her to gasp for air until the coughing was over – sprinkled with intermittent temps. Chrissie was in touch with Emily’s doctors for a few days, then took her to the Oncology Clinic on Thursday to have her checked in person.  Her ANC was 1040 – really good – and her other labs were good – but her oxygen saturation, which should be 100%, was dipping into the 50-80%’s when she got to coughing – plus her respiratory rate and heart rate were fast.  A chest xray didn’t show pneumonia but did have a few spots of inflammation so, with everything else going on, her providers decided to admit her, just to be safe. She was on the regular Peds floor for a couple of hours but then bumped up to the Peds ICU because her O2 Sats continued to drop when she coughed and her breathing and heart rates were staying high, even when she wasn’t coughing.

That’s where she is now, not quite as sunshiny as she usually is.  She laid in her bed all morning today, doing not much of anything – then perked up enough to paint a bit – and then, because she’s Stitch – showed that she’s still two years old and she’s tired of being here.   For most of a full hour! Her O2 Sats still go into the 80’s when she’s coughing, her heart rate goes into the 150’s and up, and her respiratory rate can be in the 60’s, so Emily – and Chrissie – are still in the ICU.  For awhile today, she wasn’t allowed to eat or drink – or nurse – because they were afraid she might aspirate something into her lungs if she started coughing at the same time.  Later on, she was allowed to nurse and have clear fluids which, of course, she hasn’t wanted!  Gotta be contrary, if at all possible —- !

This was her moment for the day of enjoying an activity!

This was her moment for the day of enjoying an activity!

So – again – we are asking for prayer –  please pray for Chrissie, who had to miss a meeting last night with a speaker for whom she had waited a year to hear  – and who is now trying to coordinate how to still make tomorrow’s special tea party happen for Sophia, who just turned five – for Jason, who is very worried and, like most guys, just doesn’t know what to do to help plus who is trying to keep work and home at least partly running.  Pray for everyone who helps to take up the slack in caring for Emily’s brothers and sister. Pray for the doctors and nurses and other staff who are supporting Emily in her fight against this bug, whatever it is – and who wrap their arms around Emily and her family every time she is admitted.  When Emily got to the regular Peds floor last night, her main nurse, Nicole, had a Princess movie already playing, a Princess toy set up, and had a purple hat, slippers, crown, necklace, and wand all ready and waiting for Emily –  which meant all of the doctors got to check Emily while she waved her wand in their faces! Also pray for her nurse, Nicole, who blessed us last night by coming into Emily’s room before she was moved to the ICU, shutting the door and saying, “you know, sometimes it helps to just pause and take the time to pray.”  So we – Chrissie, Gaby, Nicole, and Grammie – all prayed.  What a special, special blessing.


AND, pray for our little Emily – that she will remain Stitch and continue to fight to get better.  Last night, as Chrissie was singing “You are my Sunshine” to Emily, she paused in the middle of her coughing and weakly announced, “Mommy, I will be your sunshine every day —-“


5 responses to “You are my Sunshine —–

  1. Even though I was in the room when Emily paused to tell Chrissie that, I’m still over here cryingg, reading your explanation of it. That child is one of a kind!!! Lord please give all of us peace in Your great design. Please let that booger of a child go home to terrorize her sissy soon and let Chrissie get some much needed sleep. Grammie too. Make those plastic gowns and face masks feel like Egyptian cotton tonight and please let the tea party tomorrow be one we will never forget. Amen.

  2. She brings tears to my eyes. You are so special Emily. Keep fighting and we will keep praying. We love you.

  3. This too shall pass! The medical team and everyone praying will see to this. That “booger of a child” will be terrorizing everyone at home very soon.

  4. Well now I’m sitting here sobbing and wishing I could be home to give you all hugs and prayer. But at least I can do the prayer from here. Thank you for giving us that song, Momma, we are all sunshines for each other. Every day.

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