The music of waiting —

The Child Life Department has allowed Emily to have several musical instruments in her room, since she can’t go into their room. Yesterday, while Bapa was visiting, she asked him to dance with her – and that is what they did!

Emily was finally able to move back to the regular Pediatrics floor on Wednesday night, three nights ago.  Yea!!! Her blood pressure has remained stable and she has had no more fevers.  The doctors are keeping her here to make sure that she gets a full ten-day course of the three antibiotics on which they have her because they don’t want whatever organism invaded her body to come back.  This time, as with many of her hospitalizations, they have not been able to isolate the organism, but they have been able to treat her symptoms and support her body until she is well enough to go home.  As of yesterday, her ANC/immune system count is 1160!  Her doctors are planning on her – and Chrissie – to be able to go home this afternoon(!), after her 1:00 pm antibiotic dose is finished.

U.C. Davis students were here today, helping the kids to make Thanksgiving turkeys out of their handprints! They brought all of the fixings into Emily’s room so she could also create. They were also here to promote a dance marathon they will be doing in January to raise money for the Childrens’ Miracle Network.

To give an idea of how long this hospital stay has been, Grammie left the hospital Thursday morning in order to keep a couple of appointments she had already scheduled – and then stayed at home that night – (just cannot say enough good about long, hot baths!) – and returned yesterday morning to hear Chrissie say that Emily had been asking, “When is Grammie coming back home?”!

Emily LOVES music and actually has a real, natural rhythm – and she actively participated when Kathy came in for a private concert today!


4 responses to “The music of waiting —

  1. YAY!!! So happy to hear the good news.

  2. YIPPEEE!!!! Thank you God for bringing strength and healing again!

  3. Baba sure is a great guy!

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