I am outta’ here!

Last night, in anticipation of being able to go home today, Chrissie and Grammie – and Emily – set up a movie night with the makings for banana splits, from the hospital cafeteria, and a movie, which we checked out from the Child Life room. It was makeshift, but was thoroughly enjoyed by all!

Emily was discharged today!  She had her last antibiotic dose at 1:00 pm and walked – literally! – out of the hospital about 2:30 pm.  Emily’s ANC had decreased from 1160 yesterday to 990 last night but that is still a good number.  She had a good appetite today, for the first time in awhile, and was smiley and mischievous, as only Emily can be!  Chrissie figured today that this is Emily’s tenth hospitalization this year – and we are praying that it will be her last.  She sees her Oncologist on Monday and is supposed to start Maintenance this week or next, if her counts are good.  There will be a post this week about that, once we are sure about when that phase of her treatment will start.  As for Chrissie and Emily, they were very happy to head home to reunite with Jason and, as Emily would say, “her boys,” and Sophie.

Emily insisted on walking out on her own – a little wobbly after ten days in the hospital – but she had outfitted herself with her hat and Tutu Bear and her bag – and walked all the way out to the parking garage.


2 responses to “I am outta’ here!

  1. So glad to hear Emily is home. I will continue to keep you all in prayer. Thank you for the updates as they remind me to pray! May The Lord bless all of you and may this last “visit” to the hospital be the last for a very long while.

  2. Jeanne and Jim Lewis

    What wonderful news to hear. We will continue our prayers for you all….
    Love to everyone.

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