She’s a survivor —

So, the word from Emily’s doctors today is that they want Emily to be on antibiotics for a full ten days.  Since all three antibiotics are given by IV, that means she has to stay in the hospital.  Her doctors are being extra cautious because they believe it was a bacteria in her blood stream that caused the episode of low blood pressures, which is what landed her in the ICU.  She did also have a Rhinovirus, but the doctors say that wouldn’t have caused the decrease in blood pressures, it basically just causes a common cold.  Since a specific bacteria didn’t turn up in her blood cultures, they are giving her three antibiotics in order to kill whatever elusive culprit is behind Emily’s symptoms.  If they stop the antibiotics too early, then it could come back to cause problems again or could start to develop a resistance.  We are all for playing it safe with Emily, even though it’s not comfortable for either her or Momma.

A tuckered-out Emily, after throwing a major protest – see below!

As for Emily’s response to all of this, she is feeling better and so her bed and hospital room are starting to aggravate her.  She woke up this morning and for no reason other than that Grammie decided to uncurl her fingers from around the IV tubing on which she was yanking, she went into full tantrum mode and decided that if she couldn’t pull on the IV, then she didn’t need a diaper.  So off the diaper came and Momma had the fun of nursing a very dangerous Emily!  Have to say that Momma has great patience!  In the end, after nursing and a new diaper and calming down, Emily looked up at Chrissie and said, “It’s all good.”  And Chrissie responded by saying, “You’re a survivor. Your feisty, stubborn spirit is making you a survivor.”

Kathy, the Child Life Music Therapist, came in again today and Emily really enjoyed accompanying her while we all sang! We can only hope that all of the support people in this hospital understand what a wonderful service they provide for these sick children and their families.

Even Emily’s nurse participated in singing, “The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round!”


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  1. Keeping you all in my prayers

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