Busy day in the ICU

Emily decided yesterday that her food of choice is hot dogs! She dives in to them – literally – takes two bites, then is done – but she’s very happy!

So, as you can tell by the title, Emily is still in the Peds ICU – but now she’s only here because they don’t have an empty room on the regular Peds floor – and we are fine with that as the reason for still being here.

Emily’s Aunt Rhoda and Uncle Mike were her first visitors of the day!

Emily’s viral cultures came back positive for Rhinovirus – so Emily seems to have been felled by the virus that causes the common cold.  As Chrissie said, it’s a wake-up call as to how very serious Emily’s low immune system can be.  For everyone else, the virus makes you sniffly and achy and feeling bad for several days – for Emily, she ended up in the ICU.  However, the doctors this morning said that they don’t feel they can attribute all of Emily’s fevers to Rhinovirus – and that that virus shouldn’t have caused the drop in blood pressures that she had – so they are thinking she might have also had a bacteria in her blood stream. For this reason, they are continuing the three antibiotics which she is already on.

Aunt Dawn also popped in to say Hi! and bring some special gifts to Emily.

As of this morning, the plan was that she would be transferred back to the regular Peds floor today, when a room was available.  If she runs any temps today or tomorrow, they will do a CT scan and also consider starting an anti-fungal med, just in case, since the fungal cultures take weeks to come back.  She ran a temp once last night – although it decreased on its own, without Tylenol – and she hasn’t run any more today.  She has been much perkier today and is right now “reading” toy catalogs and climbing all over her bed – or trying to, anyway.

Kathy, a Child Life Specialist, came in to do a special concert for Emily! And Grandpa – aka Bapa – was there, also!

Aunt Renee stopped by, bringing some much-appreciated salads for us, along with some gifts for Emily.

She had a very busy day today!  She was watched – or maybe the correct word should be “entertained!” – by Auntie Jennifer and Grammie, while Momma spent the day with Emily’s brothers and sister at their home-school group.  She had several visitors, all of whom were much-welcomed – and appreciated – by her two-person entertainment crew.  And now she is peacefully – finally – relaxing to sleep, tucked into her bed, next to Momma, while sharing a movie on TV.

To top off an already-full day, a group of employees from Ikea came by the ICU floor today, with their arms stuffed full of stuffed animals, and let Emily pick any one she wanted. She, of course, picked the largest elephant! Auntie Jennifer came late on Sunday and was able to stay over an extra night last night, but had to leave today. Emily – and Chrissie, loved seeing her!

The end of the day —


One response to “Busy day in the ICU

  1. I love the huge “fi-fee” and Aunt Renee picked out some awesome socks!!! My understanding is that the visits really helped break down the monotony of the PICU yesterday. Thank you everyone!!!

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