Firsts – and not-so-firsts —-

In the ER with Momma.

First, the not-so-firsts — As can be seen by these pictures, Emily was admitted to the hospital last night.  Again.  She’s been feeling puny all week.  Lot of bruising.  Eyes puffy.  Low platelets, which remained on the low side in spite of a couple of platelet transfusions.  Hemoglobin was also low, so she’s had a couple of blood transfusions.  She started running temps in the 100’s on Tuesday afternoon – and Chrissie began thinking – a nice word for worrying –  that Emily might have to be hospitalized.  Her temp, however,  on Wednesday morning was 98.2 so we all hoped that just this once, maybe the fast track to the hospital would be reversed.  Unfortunately, Emily woke up from her afternoon nap with a temp of 100.1.  The rule is if she has three temps in the 100’s in a 24H period or one temp over 101.4, then Chrissie has to call the Oncologist.  That’s what Chrissie did and the verdict was that she bring Emily to the ER – now.  Even though the hospital is a good thing for Emily’s care, it does feel like a verdict to a Momma who has to put her life and plans on hold – find child care – and take her sick daughter to the hospital for who knows how many days.

Entertaining herself in the ER, with her doggies, given to her by her big brother, Ethan. Another big brother, William, had wanted to send his favorite stuffed animals to the ER with her, but that would have been too many. Momma told him, next time!

The scramble began.  One Grandma – Rebecca, Jason’s Mom – bless her! – drove to the house at a moment’s notice to watch the other four kids until Jason got home from work.  Auntie Gaby drove to the ER after work to bring rescue chips to a hungry Emily, who was now feeling MUCH better after getting a good dose of spiked tylenol!  Emily had arrived at the ER with a temp of 101.1 – and apparently had been feeling so bad that after the tylenol dose, she came alive!  Very alive!  And one other Grammie – Genie, Chrissie’s Mom – packed up an overnight bag and drove to the hospital to give a hand, and some company, to a very tired and sad Chrissie (see further down for explanation).

Emily got to the ER about 7:00 pm and we were able to be moved to a room on the Peds floor a little after midnight.  Emily has to have an isolation room, so sometimes they have to scramble to get one for her.  Her temp went up to 102.7 during the night – then down with Tylenol- then up again to 100.8 during the afternoon.  The spiked tylenol (our term – it really is just tylenol) again did the trick and she felt much better for a while, but she is slowly getting warm again, so this could be a roller-coaster night.

Emily, all set up like a Princess, in her first ever big girl bed! Her big sister, Sophie, has a big bed and so now it’s Emily’s time!

Now, for the exciting First! — Emily got her very first Big Girl bed!  In the hospital, of course, but you have to start somewhere! Up until now, she has had a crib when hospitalized, which she never slept in, so the hospital staff thought that since she’s two she would do well in a bed, and they had one all set up for her this time.  Chrissie is really really happy about this because now she can sleep with Emily in a bed, which is a ton more comfortable than a bed-chair.  And the rest of us are really really happy because that means we can sleep in the bed-chair, which is a ton more comfortable than a camping mat on the floor.  Yea!

A very(!) happy boy, arriving at Denny’s for his special date with Momma.

Now, for the rest of the story — Chrissie tries to do special things for her other kids, as any mom does, but she especially wants to do it because Emily’s brothers and sister are always having to give up outings and movies and family times when Emily has these sudden hospitalizations.  And having Mommy there when they wake up.  That is a huge thing.  This time, Adam, who is nine, had done all of his chore chart – and so Chrissie had promised him that she would take him out for an evening at Starbucks and watching a movie on a laptop.  Chrissie had made a special trip to pick up Auntie Elisabeth’s laptop – and Adam was home, taking a bath, with his clothes laid out for his special date night.  Chrissie had called the Oncologist’s nurse before she left the house about Emily’s rising temps and had gotten the call while gone that Emily needed to be brought in to the ER – now.  Chrissie called me/Grammie, crying because she was going to have to go home and tell Adam that their date night wasn’t going to happen.  When she did, introverted Adam locked himself in the bathroom and cried and cried.  And Chrissie cried and cried on the way in to the ER.  Much discussion was done among Chrissie, Auntie Gaby and Grammie and the plan evolved that Grammie would stay with Emily while Chrissie left to wake up Adam and surprise him.  So, after we got up to the room and settled, Chrissie left the hospital at 1:15 am.  She drove home – woke up Adam and had him change into cozy pajamas – and drove a very excited and very smiley Adam to a 24H Denny’s in Elk Grove.  She apologized to Adam that they wouldn’t have time to watch a movie on the laptop – but he just smiled and said no problem, he would tell the movie to her.

Retelling Madagascar 3!

No words are needed!

So he proceeded to spend an hour reciting Madagascar 3 – scene-by-scene – over hot chocolate, with whipped cream(!) and pizza.  Followed by an oreo cookie milkshake!  Truly a little boy’s heaven — And Chrissie got back to the hospital about 4:00 am, a very tired but much more peaceful Mommy.

The end of the story —–


18 responses to “Firsts – and not-so-firsts —-

  1. Gillian Shively

    Chrissy, you are an AMAZING MOMMY, this just brought tears to my eyes and warms my heart at the same time. Your kids are so blessed to have you, Jason and the rest of your family in their lives. I’m thinking about you all, all the time.

  2. Wow….brings tears to my eyes. Our kids are in our souls.

  3. Chrissie – you are an exceptional mother. XXOO

  4. What a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing. I’m praying for you and your family.

  5. Chrissy, you are an amazingly God loving inspiration to me in so many ways. Just getting to know you in Virginia and following you and your family on facebook has been such a blessing. I am a better person for having you in my life. Hold your head up hi and know when you sit in front of Jesus you will be given many many riches. I miss you and your family a lot and hopefully one day our paths will cross again.

  6. Have huge tears over here.. have always known what a great mommy you are Chrissie and this just proves it. sending many prayers to all of you! Blessed to know you. 🙂

  7. Thanks for sharing your life, your struggle, your sorrows, your joys………… Praying for you and rejoicing with you over every small step forward. Loved hearing about your Denny’s adventure. What a blessing to you both! From a fellow homeschooling mom who LOVES Denny’s dates with her kids……………..well, just ANY date with her kids! Again, thanks for sharing and letting us be a part of your family.

  8. What a GREAT story! Thanks for sharing, I loved it too!

  9. Love this story ending…wish the beginning was different!

  10. I agree with Lisa whole heartedly! God bless all of you.

  11. Grammie, thank you for letting us into the lives of the Loves! I am happy that emilyannelove is recovering but I am most happy for Adam! Chrissie couldn’t do what she does without her support team – all of you!! I pray for Chrissie’s strength; she is enduring and persevering not in her own strength but that of the Lord’s! Bless all of you as you serve her! God in heaven, please renew their strength and set their faces towards You!

  12. Grammie, thank you for allowing us into the lives of the Loves! I am happy that emilyannelove is recovering but I am most happy for Adam! Chrissie is doing a great job and all of you are helping her to do a great job. Chrissie is persevering in the midst of this great storm, actually all of the family is persevering and enduring! Blessings to all of you and may God in heaven renew Chrissie’s strength when she is simply “out of gas.”

  13. I’m so glad Adam got his date! Mrs Plum, you are a wonderful mother! I’m so thankful I was able to speak to you and Stitch the other morning. You are all in my heart and prayers constantly. Give Adam and his Cowie a hug for me!

  14. Thank you to all of you for your thoughts and your prayers. We appreciate every one of them – and every one of you. Grammie

  15. What an amazing story! You are a true inspiration, Chrissie! Your kids are so incredibly blessed to have you as their mom. I constantly keep thinking and praying for all of you!

  16. Just read your posts. Thank you again. My heart goes out to all of your family. I can’t begin to know the depth of emotional and physical pain you all face everyday. May the Lord be your present help and in His time heal little Emily.

  17. As so many wrote, I too had tears in my eyes reading about this. Chrissie, you are an amazing wife, super-hero mom and an inspiring, phenomenal person. Yes, you are broken because of sin, but you are a shining testament of God being very real in your life. You are a beautiful, beautiful person. What blessed children they are because of such a loving, caring, fun, tender and thoughtful momma! Praying and praying….

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