Home – again – and never tired of it!

This is the sign of a child who has been in the hospital too much – that she’s totally comfortable with her IV pole, walking it all around her room so that she can get to where she wants to go. Not to mention it’s also a sign of her resilient, little spirit.

Emily – and Chrissie – were discharged yesterday!  It was welcome, welcome news.  After her night of 103-degree temps, she had a temp of 102 the next night, so the doctors started her on Vancomycin, a stronger antibiotic, on Sunday.  There were no significant temps after Saturday night.  By Tuesday, all of her lab cultures had come back negative, she’d stayed fever-free, and her ANC had risen to 100.  As Chrissie said, Emily has been with her Oncology doctors long enough now that they know her and how she responds.  In the Spring, shortly after her diagnosis, they wouldn’t let her go home until her ANC was over 500.  Now, the doctors just wanted her fever-free, to have been on the Vancomycin for 48 hours, and to have an ANC that was trending upwards.  All of which, Emily’s body was doing!  Yea for Emily and her spunky, little nature!

The staff is so amazing at U.C. Davis Med Center – one of the doctors brought Emily a froggie finger puppet to make her smile! Her charge nurse, Nicole, brought her a beautiful, Princess gown with a fur hem – and another favorite nurse, Michelle, brought her a duckie-swimming-in-the-water blankie that had been knit by one of the many Volunteers who do things just to make these kids’ lives a little cozier.

Please continue to pray for Emily – that she will be able to avoid, as much as possible, catching any more viruses.  Also pray for her brothers and a couple of cousins who have turned up sick – leading us to think that Emily caught something and then passed it on.  Families do have to stay together, you know! And know that we pray for all of you who are helping this family and praying for them.

Emily is sorting some of her many “fiers” – known to others as pacifiers – while she and Mommie are waiting to be discharged.


2 responses to “Home – again – and never tired of it!

  1. Yay! for going home! God is good!
    Still praying

  2. So glad to read Emily is going home! She is a blessing and an encouragement to continue to go forward. Praying for a soon to be healthy Emily.

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