This is what love is —-

This is what love is —

THIS is what love is —
Love is shelving your life – again – when your baby gets sick – again.  Love is dropping all of your “girls’ weekend” plans – while the Dads and boys are out-0f-town, camping – and taking your sick, baby girl back to the hospital when she starts running fevers. — Love is caressing your baby’s head to help calm her to sleep when her temp spikes to over 103 degrees.  — Love is feeling guilty – again – when everyone around you steps in to help, and feeling like you’re letting down your husband and other children.  — Love is releasing Emily – and all of this – to God.  Not so easy to do for a tired, concerned Momma.

Emily always wants to stay in the chair-bed with Momma, so Sophie made herself comfortable in the crib!

Emily is back in the hospital.  She started running temps again – 99’s and low 100’s.  The protocol is:  if Emily runs three temps that are 100 or higher, or one temp 101 or higher, Chrissie is to call the Oncologist, and Emily is usually admitted.  That is what happened yesterday.  Labs and cultures were drawn and an antibiotic was started – same scenario as last time.   Emily was very susceptible this week as her ANC/immune system count was only 80 on Thursday and her white blood cell count was 0.5.  Basically, she doesn’t have any immune system power to fight whatever virus or bacteria has attacked her body. Today, her ANC is 24.  If, as with the last time, the cultures come back negative for bacteria, we will have to assume it was a virus.  And there are plenty of them out there right now.

Yesterday evening – and again, in the middle of the night – Emily’s temp spiked  to over 103 degrees.  She was a sick, little girl.  The high temps hit her pretty quickly and the first time, she just laid down on the chair-bed in the room and pulled her blanket around her.  Today, her temp was down to 99’s – but had increased again to 101.4  after she woke up from an afternoon nap.  We shall have to see what happens tonight – please pray for her.

On another note,  Auntie Jennifer is continuing to train for the Nike Half Marathon for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society – in Emily’s honor.  Jennifer raised enough money to have Emily’s name printed on all of the Central Valley Team In Training jerseys!  Thank you to everyone who donated towards that.

Also, in Emily’s honor, Jennifer made a tutu to wear to the Team In Training banquet, in honor of Emily, who was the tutu Princess during her earlier hospitalizations!  Please pray for Jennifer, her friend, Heather, and Marissa Tingus, Emily’s cousin-in-law, who are all going to be running this half marathon on Sunday, Oct. 14th.

Auntie Jennifer – honoring Emily’s spirit! And showing that she shares it, too!

5 responses to “This is what love is —-

  1. Hugs and prayers…..

  2. Praying daily and sharing the need to pray… God is good…all the time.

  3. What a perfect Tutu Jennifer. Can’t wait to cheer you all on. For Emily, that Stitch personality is both a blessing and a curse. It keeps your Momma on her toes but since it makes you such a little fighter in the face of this disease, we embrace it and we thank God for it!!!

  4. As always, Emily and the entire family are in my prayers. God bless all of you.

  5. Just read. Praying. I can’t begin to know the heartache and exhaustion you face everyday. My heart goes out to you and my tears to our Lord and Savior. May you and Emily be so blessed in ways only God knows is just for you two. Thank you for continuing to send us updates. Take rest under the shadow of His wings.

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