Back on the road —

Emily and Mommy and some pretty seashells. A temporary distraction from the side effects of the chemo.

Emily is now back on the road of her leukemia treatments.  When she was admitted to the hospital on Sept. 14th for fevers, the chemo that was due that day had to be postponed.  Her ANC/immune system count – see how many terms we all now know that we never knew before?! – rose to 500 or more after she returned home and so the missed chemo was given this past Tuesday, the 25th.  She got IV doxorubicin and vincristine and also restarted the steroid (for a week).  The steroid is never a welcome treatment, for even though steroids are given for a reason and are wonderful at what they do, Emily is never a happy steroid camper.  This time, however, the side effects of the chemo seem to be overriding the steroid side effects and Emily, at least this week, has been feeling limp and yucchy.  The doxorubicin has hit her this week and the vincristine, which has delayed side effects, should hit her next week.  Because of that, next week will be a week off of treatments.

In the meantime, life goes on, swirling around this busy family.

Please continue to pray for Chrissie – she’s a trooper, but this is wearing on her.

Grammie, Emily, and big brother, Ethan.

Also continue  to pray for the other children, all of whose lives now circle around Emily’s. Thankfully they seem to be handling this journey well, and they are all so strong. The boys are helpful with both girls, and little Sophia has matured a lot this year, taking her Big Sister role in stride.

Emily, Mommie, and Marissa Tingus.

This journey has had its uplifting and happy moments.  One of those was tonight when a fundraiser was held by one of Emily’s extended family, Marissa Tingus.  She is raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society so that she can run the Nike Half Marathon in San Francisco on Oct. 14th.  She held a raffle tonight and  it was heartwarming to see so many family and friends take a Saturday night to come and participate.  This journey would not be possible without those other people.  Chrissie and Jason and their kids are not on this journey alone – they have family – and extended family(!) – and friends – and people who don’t even know them aside from this blog – to help them, pray for them and walk with them —- and we love and thank all of you.  Below – I hope! (please remember that I am technologically challenged!) – – is a video that Jason put together for the fundraiser.

P.S.   If anyone wants to follow the adventures of Auntie Plum, the author of this blog – and experience again her wonderful way with words – go to  She brings her Peace Corps adventure in Rwanda to life!


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