I Go Home!!!

Sunday evening, after asking her momma when she would get to go home and Chrissie responding “I don’t know”, our little Stitch started singing “I will go home? I don’t know. I go HOME. I don’t know”; a song that she continued to sing throughout the week.

Today, after 7 days and 6 nights in the hospital, Emily’s Absolute Neutrophil Count (ANC) finally hit 300 and with no bacteria growth in the lab tests, Emily was discharged. When Chrissie exclaimed, “We’re going home”, Emily celebrated by listing everyone who she was happy to go home and see: Ethan, Adam, Sissy, William and Daddy. She was so excited!!!

From here, the plan is to catch Emily up on the treatment she missed last week. To do so, she must have an ANC of 500 before the Doctor will give the green light on chemo. Emily’s ANC can be unpredictable so she could start treatment tomorrow or maybe next week. Though the uncertainty makes it hard to plan appointments and childcare, the relief of having Emily and all the children back under one roof makes it all worthwhile. Each member of the Love family is snuggling in to their own beds tonight and for this, we humbly thank God!!


2 responses to “I Go Home!!!

  1. Thank you Jesus!!!!!!!!!

  2. so, so sweet to hear that little voice! makes little emilyannelove even more “real.” thank you for the video!

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