Still on the Roller Coaster —

Emily and Chrissie – just chillin’ in the hospital!

The hope was that Emily would be able to go home today, Wednesday, but that is not to be.  Plans have been made by the doctors, then changed, then changed again!  That is just the way it is in the hospital, as her doctors get new lab results – and see how Emily is responding to her treatments.  Thank heavens they are there and are being so attentive to and trying so hard to get this little girl on the road to well.

Yesterday morning, her ANC was 110 – going up, but still quite low – and she was doing well, so they stopped the Vancomycin, the big-gun antibiotic, and kept her on the general antibiotic, “just in case.” The doctors also planned to give her the chemo that she had missed on Friday and start her on her next seven-day course of steroids.  Later in the day, however, Dr. Ducore, the Oncologist who is in charge of her care (and bless him for putting up with our Stitch, who does not follow the normal path for anything), decided not to start her on the chemo or the steroid until her ANC is at least 500.  That news was a huge relief to Chrissie because having a Stitch-on-steroids is not a pleasant thought when that Stitch is confined to a four-walled hospital room!

Snuggling with Daddy last night!

Today, Emily’s ANC is 120. The new plan is to keep her on the general antibiotic and keep her in the hospital until her ANC is greater than 300. She has been home before with an ANC less than that but the doctors are being extra careful because Emily continued to run temps after she was hospitalized.  Better to be safe.  We have been wondering why Emily was running such high temps when her labs have come back negative for a bacterial infection, but there seem to be no “for sure” answers.  One doctor said that with no immune system, sometimes your own body’s bacteria can cause a temp and that that those bacteria might not show up on a lab culture.  Someone else had a different explanation but, basically, it’s all a puzzle.

Emily was also started on Claritin today for possible allergies.  She has had a runny nose and a random cough for about a month.  The cough has gotten a little more frequent in the hospital so the doctors decided to go ahead and treat it as allergies in the hope that her symptoms will resolve.

Please pray that Emily’s ANC will rise to over 300 by tomorrow(!) so that she and Chrissie can go home – and continue to pray for all of Emily’s Support Army who are rearranging their lives to take care of the rest of the family during this continuing roller coaster ride.



4 responses to “Still on the Roller Coaster —

  1. Praying daily…& often…
    thank you for the continued updates / answers!

  2. Oh Lord here our prayer for this little darling of yours. She needs you to touch her body. Lord we believe in your touch. Amen

  3. Sending prayers for little Emily to get well so she can get back on her treatment plan. Also, sending lots of love to the rest of the family during this difficult time!

  4. Thank you both, so much.

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