Bump in the Road

This will be a quick post to update everyone that there has been a bump in the road in Emily’s treatment plan. She was supposed to go to the Infusion room today for chemo, then have two weeks off. Instead, she was running a temp of 101.8 this morning – so, rather than chemo and going home, she was admitted to the hospital for what could be three or more days. They did blood cultures to see if the temp was caused by a bacterial infection and then started her on antibiotics. If the labs come back negative, she may get to go home – if positive, she will continue on antibiotics. Along with the temp, her ANC count was zero. Since the ANC count measures her level of immunity, that zero count also landed her in the hospital. Even if her cultures come back negative, the potential is there that she will have to remain hospitalized until her immune system has kicked back in a bit more. Basically, it’s a lot of questions waiting for answers and a lot of upset to the whole family. Last-minute care had to be arranged for the other kids and, as always, friends and family have already stepped in to help.  Chrissie is stuck in the hospital again and even though  the hospital nurses and staff go out of their way to help during her stays, the hospital stretches can be a mixture of upset schedules, boredom, and worry – and missing her family.  Once this bump is ironed out, Emily will get the chemo that she missed today.

So, please pray that the cultures will come back negative and Emily’s ANC count will increase rapidly. Pray that Chrissie and Emily will be able to go home before three days, which has happened in the past, because Emily has a pattern of not following the “normal path!” Pray for Jason and the kids. Pray for everyone who is stepping up to help them. And pray for the hospital staff, who have been so wonderful during these stays.

And, good news, Auntie Plum has arrived in Rwanda and has made very brief cell phone contact, saying that she is safe and sound . She will be meeting her host family tomorrow, with whom she will be staying for the first three months. And she will be shopping at the local market for the things she didn’t bring because somehow the “mandatory packing list” didn’t get to her! If everything went smoothly, it wouldn’t be as much fun, right?!  Who needs sheets, anyway?!


2 responses to “Bump in the Road

  1. Praying for you all.

  2. Keeping all of you in my prayers! Moira

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