Passing The Torch —

Saying Goodbye at the airport

Auntie Plum/Elisabeth, Chrissie, and Emily – saying goodbye at the airport

Elisabeth/Auntie Plum, who has been the author of this blog, is now officially off of American soil and is currently in the air, on her way to her Peace Corps adventure in Rwanda. If you are not sure of where the heck Rwanda exists on a map, join the club – we all had to look it up! It is a small, land-locked country in Africa – about where the continent starts to narrow and a little to the right. According to the State Department, it has no travel restrictions and it is safe to go there – according to a Mother’s – my – heart, it is a little worrisome. Although, exciting and an adventure. We will miss her. She returned a year ago from New York City to spend time with her family while preparing to leave for the Peace Corps in May – or so we thought. That plan got derailed by an errant medical record – for your information, the Peace Corps is meticulous about having medical records all in order – but in retrospect, God had His hand in the picture because Elisabeth has been invaluable both as physical and emotional support to Chrissie and Emily and all the extended family and also as this blog author and writer.

This is the first official post by another writer – this particular one being Grammie/Genie. My plan was that we should all continue writing the blog but pretend that it was still Auntie Plum, but that she was sick, because there is no way we will be able to fill her shoes and write as thoroughly and beautifully as she has been. That plan got vetoed!  My big frustration now is that I can’t figure out how to post the pictures!

So, continuing on with Emily’s story. She will be going in to the Infusion room this Friday for IV chemo, then will have two weeks off.  She was on steroids again last week, as she will be intermittently for the next two years.

Stitch on steroids!

Emily did not like being on the ground
while Momma and Auntie Plum said goodbye!

Emily is NOT good on steroids! When she is on them, the full meaning of why she is called Stitch comes out. Chrissie has her hands full with a two-year-old who wants to be held all of the time, eat all of the time, and not be satisfied with anything all of the time. She is like this pretty much 24-7 and Chrissie has to deal with her as well as taking care of her other four children and her husband. Please pray for Chrissie. She is the most patient, sensitive, caring Mother any toddler would want and any family could ever have but she needs a lot of support to be able to stay healthy herself. Pray for her and Jason as they continue along this winding road that has lots of twists and turns and often unforeseen bumps. Pray for the army of family and friends who are supporting this “little” family by rearranging their own lives to provide babysitting, meals, and hospital support – along with all of you who have been supporting them financially and in prayer. And please pray for Auntie Plum as she arrives in Rwanda and starts her adventure there.


9 responses to “Passing The Torch —

  1. Great job Mama! And of course I WOULD cry! 🙂 I love you

  2. Thank you mama. It looks like you figured out the photos just fine. 🙂

  3. Genie…..I know you will be fantabulous….and as a former Peace Corps volunteer…..I know that Elizabeth will ALSO be fantabulous! Much love to all of you……Barbara Pitts

  4. Nice job taking the torch Momma! (look, I’m still lurking!!! From Amsterdam, at the moment!)

  5. Great Job on the posting. I have been keeping up with Emily since about March and have prayed, cried, and laughed along with you. I keep Emily and Chrissie and all the family in our prayers. We miss you!

  6. Yeah, Genie! I was wondering who would take over. Thanking you in advance for the updates! I’m praying for you too.

  7. I always knew you were a great writer( and marathon runner) amongst all the other things you do. I have been saying prayers for the entire family. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

  8. Chrissy, you are seriously a mommy super hero! Thank your sisters, and now mom for keeping us update with everything. I am thinking about you all, and little Emily a lot! Hugs and good vibes heading your way! xo

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