This is what Tough looks like

Since February, Emily Love has been poked and prodded, had surgery and received chemo, been given steroids that made her gain weight, lost and then regained the ability to walk, said farewell to her pretty blonde locks, and struggled with mouth sores, diarrhea and nausea, to name a few.

Emily’s life has irrevocably changed since she was diagnosed with Leukemia. But through it all, she has been strong.

She has persevered through the worst treatments, endured long hospitalizations, maintained a positive attitude while being separated from her siblings, her parents, and the comfort of her home. She has made new friends, endeared her doctors and nurses with her mischievous personality, and made us laugh when we otherwise might have cried.

Yes, Emily Anne Love is what TOUGH looks like.

At just two years old, she is fighting a battle for her life and giving us no doubt but that she will win.

The good news is that Emily is not fighting alone. She has family and friends, old and new, who are walking this journey with her. She has doctors and nurses providing excellent care and the best expertise research has offered. She has God, her Father, holding her in His arms every day, every moment, through every painful step she takes.

Right now, we have a chance to help make Emily’s battle a little easier. We know that medical research has already improved Emily’s chances of success. Treatments are available for her today that weren’t discovered just five years ago. Thanks to diligent medical professionals and compassionate donors, the knowledge of how best to treat Emily’s Leukemia is improving every day.

Three close friends of Emily’s are trying to help make even more research possible. Jennifer Howell, Heather Nickell, and Marissa Tingus are running the Nike Half Marathon  in Emily’s name and raising funds on behalf of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). In just over a month, these three women will pound the pavement of San Francisco, thinking of Emily every step of the way.

The money they raise will go toward funding research into blood cancers, like Emily’s. Helping make more discoveries possible that can help Emily and all the children as TOUGH as she is.

Click on any of these three women’s names to visit their fundraising page, where you can read more about what inspired them to run 13.1 miles in Emily’s honor. And if you are able, click ‘Donate Now’ on their pages and let Emily know that she’s not running her marathon alone.

Jennifer Howell | Heather Nickell | Marissa Tingus

Jennifer & Heather with their inspiration!



“I have thought many times this is crazy I wont be able to do this. And then I read the updates about Emily and see that she is a fighter. She is not giving up. She is only two and she is my inspiration to push through this for her.”                                           ~Marissa Tingus


One response to “This is what Tough looks like

  1. peaceforthejourney

    Visited Marissa’s site. What a wonderful tribute to the courageous battle being fought and won in your home! Blessings and peace~elaine

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