Goodbye Methotrexate!

Color with me!

Emily came home from her fourth and final round of high-dose Methotrexate today. Once again, she cleared the drug from her system in record time! The round of chemotherapy we were all the most worried about has turned out to be a bit of a breather.

In the midst of this 8-week interim Maintenance phase, we found out that Emily’s spinal fluid is clear of Leukemia cells and that she’s just a couple months away from her final [lengthy] treatment phase…and that ultimate goal: her treatment finish line!

In two weeks, Emily will begin her delayed intensification Maintenance phase – a two month treatment phase that will include three spinal taps and several weeks with nearly daily chemotherapy infusions. It will be a final intense push to eradicate the cancer from her blood before she sets in for two years of Maintenance to make sure the Leukemia never comes back.

Playing with her new Beads of Courage

Thank you for all of your prayers over these past two months. We have truly seen God answer those prayers by allowing the Methotrexate to eliminate cancer cells without causing Emily undue pain. After being so worried about the Methotrexate, we are thrilled to finally have it behind us. The Lord has truly walked Emily through this phase and we have no doubt He will continue to carry her through the last two phases of her treatment.


2 responses to “Goodbye Methotrexate!

  1. Wonderful news, and what an incredible relief.

  2. PraiseThe Lord, thank you for the praise report.

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