Going in for her second dose

They grow up so fast!

Keeping with her schedule, Emily is returning to the hospital this morning to begin her second round of high-dose Methotrexate. The first round went remarkably well and we are praying for a repeat performance!

Over the past week, Emily has been able to get some good rest at home with her brothers and sisters and was even able to make a trip a few hours south to play with her cousins. Unfortunately, she also begun experiencing some of the side effects of the Methotrexate – mouth sores and burns on her bum.  Everything is being done to help alleviate these symptoms but they are causing pain and we pray they do not get any worse.

From everything we’ve been told, the Methotrexate will become more difficult to clear from Emily’s body on each subsequent dose. Her first dose cleared within 48 hours of the rescue drug being administered. It is generally expected to take around 72 hours – meaning at least a 4-day stay in the hospital. 

The family-planning crew has been in full gear helping to prepare for these mini-trips, arranging for someone to be at the hospital to help Christina with Emily and for sleepovers and childcare for the older Love children. Seeing all the people coming together to help the Loves is a huge reminder of the importance of family – whether biological, by friendship, through the Lord, or simply in love and spirit – the Loves are surrounded by a family of people dedicated to seeing Emily well and the family flourish during this time of heartache.

Thank you to everyone who has played a part in Emily’s journey, whether we know you or not. The doctors are striving to heal Emily’s body but it is all of you that the Lord is using to heal the hearts of every person around this sweet girl. 

Please pray for another fast passage of the Methotrexate from Emily’s body this week. Pray for soothing of the side-effects that cause her pain and discomfort. Pray for the logistics necessary this week to make sure every member of the Love family is able to be where they need to be and getting showered with love. Pray that all our hearts and minds are uplifted with joy this week as we find peace in the arms of God. And praise the Lord for each of you that are supporting Emily and the Love family 


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