At the head of the class!

Group Hug!

For once Emily did something better than expected! In just 48 hours, Emily cleared the first dose of Methotrexate from her body and was released from the hospital earlier this morning!

The drug Methotrexate is so toxic, that once administered by IV, it is immediately followed with a rescue drug, called Leucovorin (essentially folic acid). The Leucovorin helps rescue healthy cells by preventing the Methotrexate from bonding to them and, paired with fluids, flushes the toxic drug out of Emily’s body. The faster it is cleared from the body, the better! Our little Stitch did so well that Nurse Nicole said we could quote her in saying she’d “never seen a patient clear so quickly!”

Getting her nails done at the hospital salon!

After so many setbacks and side-effects, it was a relief this week to have something go really well for a change. There is still a long road ahead, as this is just the first of four doses of Methotrexate that Emily will receive and we are told that it will become harder and harder for her body to clear the drug each time. In addition, the side-effects of the toxic drug won’t really begin to show until sometime next week.

All tucked in to watch Lassie!

For now though, we are pleased to share that Emily got through this first hospitalization with flying colors. She was happy and upbeat in the hospital and even handled being confined in her room with remarkable fortitude! Thank you for all the prayers, encouragement, and support given to Emily and the Loves this past week!

Emily will be home with her family for at least a week and if her counts stay high, she could go in for the second dose of Methotrexate on July 10th. Until then, join us in praying that Emily’s GI tract will be spared the nasty side-effects of this chemotherapy drug and she will stay healthy and strong in the days ahead. 


3 responses to “At the head of the class!

  1. Each day Emily is in my thoughts and prayers. So is all of her dear family. Hugs!

  2. Thanking Jesus for this wonderful report. Little Emily is constantly in my prayers. Will be praying for God’s protection over her GI tract and for a complete healing.

  3. Keeping all of you in my thoughts xoxo

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