A Week’s Vacation

Storytime with Auntie Jen

After Emily’s long stay in the hospital, her doctor decided a week’s vacation was in order! Well, it was also due to her extremely low ANC count, but it is well-earned nonetheless!

Emily kicked off her week without treatment with a visit from the Howell Family and she had a fun-filled Friday with aunts, cousins, and friends. Her spirits are always higher at home with family and her mobility has also been improving, as pictures of her off-roading will attest!

Stitch looks like a girl ready for a fun time!

Despite the improvements in Emily’s physical strength, her eating habits have been worsening. The concerns over her food and fluid intake persisted over the weekend and the specter of a nasal feeding tube loomed. However, Monday brought a call from Emily’s home-health nurse with news from her lead doctor.

Doctor Ducore was on vacation last week while Emily was in the hospital and not available for consult on the feeding tube issue. But on his return, he assured the nurse that the family had made the right decision in refusing the tube. There’s nothing to worry about, he said! As long as Emily continues to be active and her lab results show no signs of malnutrition, Doctor Ducore believes Emily is getting what her body needs.

Emily, Momma, and Auntie Jen

On the medical front, Emily’s labs show that her white blood cell count has risen (from 0.4 to 1.0). A positive sign that her body is beginning to produce healthy cells on its own! Her ANC also jumped over the weekend from a low of 60 to 720! Emily’s protein and albumin levels remain low, however the puffiness in her face (partially caused by low protein levels) has finally begun showing signs of diminishing. While still not entirely gone, we can finally see a bit of the Emily we knew before the Leukemia took hold.

Emily continues to struggle with pain and nausea, causing her sleep to be fitful and likely a major contributor to her lack of appetite. Please keep Emily’s physical body in your prayers. Pray that this week “off” will be rejuvenating in body and spirit so she can enter next week’s four-day treatment schedule at the top of her game. 

Dance Time with Christina and the cousins!


One response to “A Week’s Vacation

  1. Emily is a well loved little girl among all her family members! There is nothing like family to surround you with love, accepting you just the way you are! Emily is fortunate to have wonderful aunties and lots of cousins, or so it seems. I do pray that this week will restore her little soul with joy and fun!
    Cyndi Heath
    Lakeside, MT

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