Emily is Home!

Ready to go home!

After a solid night’s sleep, Emily was talkative and playful Wednesday morning. She woke asking for “her boys” (aka her brothers) and spent the morning crawling about the room in angel wings with Mommie and Auntie Elisabeth.

Just before lunch, Kathie, the music therapist arrived armed with a variety of musical instruments and the quartet joined in song. Midway through “This Little Light of Mine”, Dr. Taylor arrived and was so impressed by Emily’s bright smile and joyful song that he declared she should get to go home and sing with her family!

While Emily’s ANC remains well below the normal discharge level (60 when it should be 500), her other important blood count levels have risen and she has remained fever-free. She also began eating food with greater gusto after nausea and pain medication helped her feel a little better. All in all, Emily’s spirits and body tend to do much better when she is with her family and surrounded by the comforts of home and we are so excited that she was able to return home yesterday afternoon.

Naptime with Auntie

Thank you to everyone for your prayers and support this past week! It is hard on the entire Love family when Emily has to be in the hospital and they are blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful family and friends who help ease the burden.

Enjoy some more birthday pictures and a video from Emily’s last two days in the hospital!

Taking balloon-dog for a walk!

How many instruments can one Stitch play?

Emily loves visits from her siblings

Emily’s siblings made her cards & cake pops!


4 responses to “Emily is Home!

  1. Liz, that was a great video! Thank you! I’m so glad Emily had a happy birthday 🙂 AND that she got to go home yesterday! YAY!

  2. The Haug family

    Big tears of JOY as we see Emily with a smile enjoying her birthday! We continue to lift Emily to the One on the Throne in Heaven for complete healing. Love from the Haug’s

  3. Take Care Emily,
    Ken Anderson- Iditarod musher

  4. Nicole Sheehy

    Love this. Love the updates and praying every night for Emily’s complete healing, and also for the family.

    The Sheehy’s

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