Happy Birthday Emily!!!

Emily is Two!!

Two years ago, God gave Christina and Jason a precious gift, their youngest child, our adorable Stitch. For two years, we have all loved and adored the spirited little girl who smiles wide and laughs from her belly. She has always been the life of the party and today was no different.

Emily started her day with a procedure at the surgery center, where the doctors and nurses had hung a birthday sign and gave her a flower wand that she waved through the halls. After surgery, some of her favorite nurses brought Emily a new party frock!

Around midday, Emily’s room was overwhelmed with cousins and siblings, Aunties and Grandmas! The nurses and child life team brought cookies and the music therapist led the kids in songs. Aunt Marni shared butterfly cupcakes and Emily opened presents and played with delight.

Aunt Marni and Emily's cousins!

A birthday wouldn’t be complete without some good medical news and we were happy to hear that Emily’s blood counts are good, her ANC is still slowly rising, and the feeding tube is NOT being put in! We are looking forward to a release in the next 48 hours so maybe Stitch can play in the weekend sun.

Showing Daddy her new necklace

We’ll upload more birthday pictures and video soon!


2 responses to “Happy Birthday Emily!!!

  1. Happy Birthday Emily! Thank you for sharing the pictures. I love the picture of her and Jason where she is showing him her necklace. So sweet. Glad to hear the good news!

  2. Happy Birthday Stitch! I agree with Sonja, the photo of Emily showing Daddy her necklace is a keeper! So precious!

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