A brief Update

Despite normal temperatures and negative cultures, Emily wasn’t able to go home this weekend as we had hoped. The pediatric nutritionist is concerned about her diet and the doctors want her ANC higher.

Emily’s previous enthusiasm for food has gone by the wayside and while she still asks for food frequently, she seldom eats it. The possiblity of using a feeding tube to provide nutrition has been suggested and the family is waiting to hear the opinion of Emily’s lead doctor.

Grandpa Tom gets Emily to eat some cheerios

Emily’s ANC was 30 on Saturday and made a very small increase to 40 on Sunday. Unfortunately, the doctors want it above 250 before releasing her for home so we’ve got a ways to go.

Tomorrow is Emily’s second birthday and she has already begun celebrating a bit early! The Child Life Team came today to discuss plans for a small celebration tomorrow after her morning spinal tap surgery and we’re hoping the real birthday treat will be getting to go home to her family!

Emily shows off her new Twilight Turtle Planetarium from the Howells!

Thank you to everyone for your continued prayers and support. And a special BIG thank you for everyone providing meals and babysitting for the Love family!


One response to “A brief Update

  1. Happy Birthday Emily! I’m praying for you and taking next week to pray specifically for all my friends and family with cancer and other diseases. ❤

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