Back to the emergency room

Just four days before Emily’s birthday, she has returned to the U.C. Davis Emergency Room and been readmitted to the pediatrics floor. Emily began having minor fevers late Wednesday night and throughout Thursday. The fever spiked to 100.5 on Thursday evening, prompting Christina to call the on-call Oncologist as their protocol requires. Due to Emily’s low ANC (230), any fever or illness could be devastating for Emily right now and the ER doctors decided to admit Emily for further tests and observations.

She moved back in, for a hopefully brief period, late Thursday night and is sharing a hospital room for the first time. While inconvenient for family staying with Emily or trying to visit, it is a good sign that she was not immediately placed in a negative pressure room due to her previous positive-MRSA result. It also means Emily may get to walk around and play more than she did during her last hospital stay; a definite blessing since Emily has been more mobile over the past two weeks then anytime since before her initial diagnosis.

Please pray for Emily today!

  • Pray that the fever (which was, of course, gone by the time she was checked in at the E.R.) remains normal and that lab tests do not reveal anything abnormal. 
  • Please pray for Christina, while living in the hospital is becoming routine, it is hard on a momma with 4 other children who need her at home and nursing staff required to wake Emily up for vitals multiple times throughout the night. 
  • Please also lift up the older Love children who will wake up without their mommy and little sister over the next few days. 

4 responses to “Back to the emergency room

  1. Thank you for the updates. . I will continue to keep all of you guys in prayer and will add you all to the prayer list at church this coming Sunday. Love and miss you all.

  2. Lord heap your blessings upon this precious family and strengthen them in these upcoming days. Keep baby Em’s body fighting and strong. Give comfort to the older Love kids and supply both mom and dad with peace and endurance to run the race!

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