Over $135k for the Children’s Miracle Network…Thank you!!

Thank you to everyone who donated to the Children’s Miracle Network’s Care-a-thon Sacramento! With your generous support, more than $135 thousand dollars was raised for the U.C. Davis Children’s Hospital and little warriors like Emily!

Emily’s online fundraising page brought in over $7,315 alone! In the hour her parents spoke on the radio, another $1,200 was raised!

AnneMarie Smither’s Big Spoon fundraiser added to the cause and even Emily got to enjoy some delicious frozen yogurt!

Family friend, Asher Styrsky and the Styrsky Insurance Agency, generously matched donations to the Care-a-thon and the Love family, putting forth $2,500!

Emily enjoying yogurt at The Big Spoon

Over the past three days, if you have been listening in to The Wolf 101.9 or watching Fox 40 News, you’ve probably heard some amazing stories of strength and perseverance from families just like the Loves. The Children’s Miracle Network not only makes preeminent hospitals like U.C. Davis available for sick children but it also provides programs and people that look after the emotional health of the entire family.

No one but our Lord can take away the pain and fear that comes with Emily’s battle but the staff at the U.C. Davis Children’s hospital does everything they can to provide encouragement, hope, compassion, and laughter.

There are few words adequate enough to explain what this organization has given to the Loves over the past two months and what they will continue to provide for children and families just like them. But it has been an honor to help raise the funds needed to maintain the Children’s Miracle Network into the years ahead.


Watch here for the Fox 40 News clip of the Love Family’s story and listen here for a music montage played on the Wolf 101.9.

The Loves with Wolf DJ Chad Ryan


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