Emily’s friends & family Care-a-LOT!

The past two months have been incredibly difficult for the Love family as they adjust to the new normal Emily’s Leukemia has created. It has not been an easy road.

Aside from the physical hurt and emotional fear, the family has also been struggling with financial burdens resulting from Jason being laid off just before Emily’s diagnosis. Through the generosity of friends and family, the Love’s rent and bills for March and April were covered. But the road ahead remains shaky.

Despite their continuing personal struggles however, Jason Love decided he wanted to return the generosity and support they have received by helping other families struggling to adjust to the life changing reality of childhood illness. Joining forces with the Children’s Miracle Network, Jason has led a campaign in Emily’s name to raise money for children’s hospitals around the country that provide support and services to families like the Loves.

In just a few short weeks, supporters have helped Jason raise over $6,000 for the Children’s Miracle Network! The Styrsky Insurance Agency helped by matching donations, both to the Network and to the Love family, and in the days ahead we can do even more to share love and financial support with children and families around the country struggling like the Loves. It’s not too late to make a donation – no matter how big or small, every penny helps!

Another way you can help is by visiting the Big Spoon in Fair Oaks, CA on April 13th from 11am to 11pm. If you mention the Children’s Miracle Network, forty percent of your purchase will be donated to the Love Team’s Care-a-thon campaign!

On April 13th, the Loves will be partnered with the Styrsky Insurance Agency, Fox 40, radio station The WOLF 101.9, the Children’s Miracle Network, and other local families to reach the Care-a-thon goal of $100,000! If you are a part of a business that wants to help by matching the money Jason and Emily have raised, you can call in during the Care-a-thon and pledge your generous donation.

Daddy entertaining Emily in the hospital

The Love Family has already experienced a great deal of personal struggle and they have a long journey still ahead. But with God’s grace and the love of people like you, they have the strength to face every challenge. Help them share that love and support with other families by donating to the Care-a-thon this week!

Please praise God for the generous hearts that have and will support the Children’s Miracle Network through the Care-a-thon. Please also thank God for Jason’s heart of love – that in a time of personal struggle, he was moved to help others. 

Please pray for the Love family’s own financial struggles. While Emily’s medical care is fully covered, the family’s day-to-day needs continue to be a burden. Please pray for a job that would allow Jason to provide for his family, preferably while still allowing him the time he needs to be present throughout Emily’s care. 


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