Hungry Hungry Hippo

It has been a week since our last post and while life always seems to be going full tilt for the Love family, all Emily has been doing is eating!

How many foods do you see?

Due in large part to the steroid Emily takes daily, little Stitch spends her day waffling between Dopey, Grumpy, and Hungry (the eighth dwarf!). Her favorite new activity is making mommy stand in front of the refrigerator and pull out item after item until Emily chooses which one she wants to eat. But she’s an indecisive little gal and often, by the time mommy has the selected food on a plate, has changed her mind to want something else!

Pasta time!

Snacking on the counter

We are thankful that Emily is eating, even if it does mean Christina spends a majority of her day as waitress. Weight-gain has been a concern throughout Emily’s treatment and her picky appetite means nutrition is also a concern. The past few weeks have shown a two-pound weight gain, and though we know some of this is water retention, we are glad to see the return of some toddler chubbiness!

All dressed up for dinner

The Induction extension is coming to an end this weekend. Emily will have her last day of the steroid on Sunday and will go in on Tuesday for another bone marrow biopsy. It will take a week for those results to inform us whether the additional intensive treatment has been successful in putting Emily into complete remission.

The past two weeks has been a tense time at home as the family absorbed the long term impact of the setback in Emily’s condition. It has been difficult for Jason and Christina to stay away from reading anything and everything they can on childhood Leukemia, treatment pathways, and lab results. Despite the excellent information provided by Emily’s medical team, there are always new questions keeping her parents awake back at home. Between worry, household tasks, and a restless Emily, Christina hasn’t had a good nights sleep in nearly two months!

Emily wearing her Stitch bracelet

Emily has faired better than her stressed parents. Though she has grown significantly less animated in the past two weeks, she has continued to be active and to share soft smiles and even a giggle or two with her family and friends. She has come to love the many hats she has received and sports her new Stitch-bracelet with pride. She even took a handful of steps this week with the assistance of Ethan and Sophia! Emily’s ANC has actually been steadily rising (4,400 this week!) and, though it is clear that she is uncomfortable, she is fighting this disease in true Stitch fashion.

Here is the video of Emily walking for the first time in over 6 weeks!

Please keep Emily and her family in your prayers this week!

  • Pray that the new course of treatment will kill the requisite Leukemia cells to place Emily in complete remission. 
  • Pray that Emily would continue to have the strength and energy to be active and relearn how to walk on her own.
  • Pray for Christina and Jason as they manage their family and home together. That they be able to communicate with one another and keep their marriage strong.
  • Pray that Christina would find a way to get regular sleep so she can stay healthy and emotionally well on the long road ahead. 

One response to “Hungry Hungry Hippo

  1. So good to see those boys again….we miss you guys…Sending love and hugs and more importantly prayers…

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