Waiting for the other shoe…

Monday’s news was a setback for all of us and the week since has been defined by waiting for the worst, which is not a cheerful state of mind for Emily’s family or friends. The reality, though, is that Emily has continued to be in relatively good spirits despite the introduction of an adult-level chemotherapy drug and going back on steroids. And we are very thankful.

Not only has Emily been more socially interactive in the past week, giggling and laughing at her siblings, but she has also begun to be slightly more mobile. Emily has started maneuvering into crawling positions and trying to lift herself up on the edges of tables or couches. She is wobbly on her legs and can’t fully support her weight without assistance, but it is comforting to see her feeling well enough to try.

Yesterday was Emily’s second day of chemotherapy in her extended Induction phase. It was a lesson in patience and the slow workings of hospitals for Momma Christina. The chemotherapy was begun nearly 2 hours after they arrived at the infusion room and then the doctor decided Emily would need not one, but two, blood transfusions to keep her blood counts up over the coming weekend. That addition meant another 3 to 4 hours, plus a half hour after the transfusion to watch for signs of a reaction to the new blood.

Standing up with Grandpa's help

Christina, who is the Director of the local Classical Conversations Charter program for homeschool families, had hoped to make it to Open House in the evening to support her children and to thank, in person, all the friends and families who have helped SO MUCH in the past 6 weeks. Unfortunately, the added time at the hospital meant Christina wouldn’t be able to keep her plans. Days like this are a regular occurrence in the “new normal” of the Love family. It is extremely difficult for them to make and keep plans when Emily could become ill, have a low ANC, be kept at the hospital, or simply not be up to going out or being away from Momma. Yet one more challenge to which the family is striving to adjust.

Emily was not feeling well after her long day hooked up to IVs. She slept a bit in the car and for a few hours back at home, but was otherwise mopey and indicating she was sick to her stomach. She perked up slightly when her siblings came home after their Open House but then settled in for a restless night in Mommy’s arms.

We continue to pray that Emily’s body responds favorably to the new treatment plan and that she feels well in the days ahead. Her blood pressure remains a concern, as does her mobility, though her ANC has gone up, rather than down as we expected, and that is good news. Thank you to everyone who has lifted Emily up in prayer this week and checked in to see how she is responding to the new treatments!


5 responses to “Waiting for the other shoe…

  1. Hello Love Family,
    I posted a note on my FB to pray for little emilyannelove and I attached your blog via link from my blog page. I said our prayers can rewrite “Waiting for the other shoe . . .” to “Waiting for new shoes!” I believe in prayer, God sure answered the prayers of those who faithfully lifted me up during my cancer treatment.

  2. Printed out your recent “prayer card” to give to our Friday morning ladies’ prayer group so they could actually see the beautiful little girl and her family for whom they have been praying for the last several weeks! There is power in the prayer of agreement! Trusting for good reports to come forth for Emily! ❤

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